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Hot Hallway Rim Job at DBV

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Haze makes his way through the club’s hallways and comes across Andy Andrews ready for some action!

They duck into a corner and kiss deeply. Haze pulls off his shirt and opens his pants. Andy takes Haze’s instantly hard cock in his mouth and sucks it down to the pubes! Grabbing Andy by the head Haze gives him a deep face fucking.

Settling in on a bench, Andy’s pants come off and Haze falls to his knees, treating Andy’s meat to a sloppy wet tongue job.

Andy stands Haze up and spins him around so he munch on Haze’s tight hairy ass!. This is clearly something Andy enjoys as he devours Haze’s butthole. They take turns sucking each others cocks but Andy can’t resist rimming Haze’s fuck hole at every chance he gets!

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Written by alterna

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