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Fuck Skyler at DirtyBoyVideo

Chris Jett and Skyler Walker are drinking beers behind the Stop & Shop when Skyler takes a chance and puts his hand on Chris’ crotch. Chris let’s Skyler rub the bulge in his pants for a bit, then puts his beer down and leans in to kiss Skyler on the lips. Skyler grabs Chris’ shirt to pull him closer and accidentally tears the shoulder strap of Chris’ wife beater!

Chris slides his hand into Skyler’s pants and grabs his cock as they make out hot and heavy! Skyler tries to pull Chris’ dick out of his pants right there out in the open, but Chris has a better idea!

The head back too Chris’ place. He pushes Skyler on the bed and and they tear at each other’s clothes. Their shirts off now, Skyler undoes Chris’ shorts and slides them off revealing Chris’ sheer blue briefs and his cock swelling under the fabric!

Skyler’s pants come off next, his own cock growing larger in his black mesh underwear.

They grind against each other for awhile, getting more and more heated. Finally Chris pulls is sizable meat out of his briefs. He straddles Skyler’s chest and feeds his hard meat in to his mouth. Skyler runs his tongue under that fat cock and before he knows it Chris is on his knees with Skyler’s dick in his mouth! Skyler lies back on the bed enjoying the feel of Chris’ warm mouth working over his balls.

Soon Chris is back on the bed, ready for Skyler to sit on his cock. Skyler takes it slowly at first, working the stiff dick in to his ass. Once he’s relaxed, Skyler takes it all and rides Chris’s cock hard and fast!

Chris takes charge, rolling over and having Skyler bend over the edge of the bed. Chris takes him from behind, pounding Skyler’s ass deep. On his back now, Skyler works his own cock as Chris fucks him. Skyler cums first, and Chris is there to catch Skyler’s tasty jazz in his mouth.

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Written by alterna

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