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Tasty Crotch Hair at PitsandPubes

Maxx is ready to suck some cock and sKiiitch is ready to give up the goods.

Everything about the hairy cub is perfect, from his well groomed, full beard to his slightly aromatic dark bushy pits, all the way down to his extreme black bush. Maxx intends to take full advantage of the perfection in front of him and gets to work sucking. SKiiitch’s black pubes are so long they wrap around his fully erect shaft as Maxx works his cock and gets the cub’s pubes nice and wet with his spit.

Maxx works the throbbing boner as sKiiitch throws his head back and enjoys the ride. After Maxx’s talented mouth does its work, sKiiitch is ready to blow and Maxx gets his reward with a full mouth full of sperm.

Bury your face in the musky goodness of PitsandPubes

Written by alterna

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