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Adam Russo Sticks it in Tristan Matthews

Tatted rocker dude, Tristan Mathews is in need of some major cock. Luckily, alt daddy stud Adam Russo, is horny and willing to share his dick with others. Adam is a rough one and Tristan never seems to catch a break with the men he gets with. He always gets ‘em rough and demanding. He goes along with what they want like any good bottom should but once again, he takes an ass beating in the process.

Making out is a must with Tristan, but that quickly dissolves into something a little more festive. Adam has a huge bulge in his shorts that doesn’t go unnoticed by our tatted rocker. He reaches down and gives it the attention it needs. Soon it’s out and in the open and Tristan is gobbling it up like a pro cocksucker.

They switch it up and Adam takes the helm with the dick licking. He deepthroats Tristan before he flips him over and they 69.

Tristan gets Adam’s cock back down his throat. In the meantime, Adam starts sticking his tongue up Tristan’s tight but waiting asshole. He rims it good. It gets moist and loose and when it does, Adam starts sticking his fingers deep inside. Fingers are one thing, but they both know you need a cock to complete the job.

The cock is soon inside where it belongs pumping away at the hairy hole in front of it. Tristan is such a good bottom. He takes the big daddy cock with every thrust that Adam musters. Adam is rough and he’s a dirty talker through and through. Adam swears and keeps his aggressive talking and actions up as he pumps the rocker harder and harder.

What’s a great love story like this without a happy ending?  If you want to see it end with a splash, stop by and check out the full video of this romantic interlude!

Written by alterna

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