Who Wore It Better? Footwear Edition

You probably were so busy drooling and wacking off that you never noticed, but not all models giving their ALL for the horny membership at Alternadudes are performing fully nude.  Sometimes a well chosen item of clothes can ENHANCE the sex quotient.  Of course foot fetishists might beg to differ, but shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers and even socks can add a sexy little fillip to an already HOT onscreen hookup. See, keeping your shoes on during sex is not just for 1950s black and white stag films anymore.  And how about these sexy sartorial picks?

Are we right or what?  You barely notice a hot throbbing, cum-dripping piece or a hungry, gaping asshole when there is a pair of sensible shoes or conversation-piece socks in the frame.  Let this be a lesson.  To rework Diana Vreeland’s sage advice, “Before you fuck, always put back on the last item of clothing you just peeled off.”

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Written by alterna

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