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Hot Surfer Rubs One Out for the First Day of Summer

Summer starts today, so our thoughts turn to dreams of endless surfer dudes.  Here’s one of our personal favorites.

After a quick tour of his dirty kitchen, Dax invites us into his bedroom where his pants come off to reveal his thick nest of overgrown pubes. He sits on the bed and plays with his cock until it’s hard as a rock.

His hairy balls vie for his attention as they bounce in their tight sack ready to give back to the world.

Once his cock and balls are firm and in his hands nothing is stopping Dax from his ultimate goal. He closes his eyes. He’s quiet as he rubs one out. He moves his hand up and down slowly, caressing his thick shaft and lightly squeezing his tight sack.

Surfers, skaters, rockers, emos, punks? We love ’em all at Alternadudes!

Written by alterna

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