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#ModelMonday: Lithunium Snow, Long-haired Idol of the Week

He’s gorgeous, he’s a lanky 19-year old Dutch boy, and he has some of the best hair the world has known.  Nils Kuiper, an alternative model aka Lithunium Snow, is famous on Instagram and YouTube for brilliant hair looks and tutorials.

Fantastic looking in plain rocker ‘dude mode, Nils loves to gild the lily and add fantasy braids, insane color, jewels and otherworldly makeup to complete his photo looks.

He’s not hard to find, and once you come across his galleries and videos, you will be as hooked as we are.  Start with his Instagram, then you’ll want to graduate to his YouTube   channel.  Join the  half-million followers he has on those two social media sites.  There are still long-haired gods that walk the earth, and Nils is our living proof for this week.

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