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Who’s Your Favorite Longhaired ‘Dude of the Day?

Since Alternadudes started, one of the defining features of our website has been that it’s one of the few gay adult sites that features longhaired guys, with everything but an unkempt shag to an emo asymmetrical bang to a rocker shoulder-length to a hipster manbun  to a hippie Afro. We know if you visit our blog you probably enjoy the raw sex appeal of men with more than a standard-issue crew cut, so here’s a chance to see a few of our favorite longhairs and weigh in by commenting.

Dillon O’Brien, Ginger Surfgod –does he hit the mark for you?

Murphy Maxwell, Classic Longhaired Rocker–thumbs up (his adorable bum)?

Or maybe boyish beach ‘dude Hans, full of spunk and mischief?

These are just a few of the great longhaired studs on Alternadudes.  Check back every week for another installment of “‘Dude of the Day”


Written by alterna

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