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International Model of the Week: Meet Scruffy French-Canadian Nico!

First up on the Alternaboyz cavalcade of international male modeling sensations, meet Nico. Nico is a Scruffy French Canadian skater that we found in a bar. He was playing video poker and hanging around checking out the men in the gay bar even though he doesn’t drink.

Nico says he’s bi and he has a girlfriend, but somehow we think he was a little too eager to get naked for our cameras.

When Nico isn’t skulking around gay bars or jacking off for porn sites, you can find him with his comic books or skating down the Boulevard.

If you’re a “dedicated follower of fashion” you won’t want to miss the wide array of drool-worthy men on flagrant display at Alternadudes for your delight and nut-busting!

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