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Shaggy Rocker Studs Have a Hot XX Fuck Session

Murphy Maxwell is writing music at his keyboard when Christop walks in to find out what he’s doing. Murphy is happy for the distraction and immediately starts making out with the shaggy dude.

It’s not long before Christop is on his knees servicing the long haired tatted musician. He rubs Murphy’s hardening cock and carefully removes it from its cloth vault. He sucks and slurps until Murphy is at full mast. Christop removes his own clothes and they take it to the couch for easier access to each others bits and pieces.

Once they’re on the couch, Christop continues his cocksucking session and quickly moves down to Murphy’s harry asshole. He tongue-fucks the rocker and sucks his balls hard. They switch it up and Christop bends over the couch to let Murphy work his own magic on the shaggy dude’s butt.

They sit up and make out some more as they jack off and get each other even more worked up. When Christop is at his full 7.5 inches, Murphy rolls over on his back to take the monster full on.

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Written by alterna

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