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    Always something shaking at!

      We don’t want you to get the idea that there’s nothing awaiting you on the other side of the MEMBERS ONLY golden door at Alternadudes.  Besides still photos and screen caps we mostly post on the blog, there are tons of videos in FULL MOTION.  Here’s a tiny teaser of Alternadudes in action! Hole […] More

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    Model of the Week: Sexy, Shaggy Dempsey Stearns

    We hear you don’t have to be like, SUPERsmart to be a tv weatherman.  If so, we hope we get to see gorgeous shaggy skater dude Dempsey on our screens soon .  Of course, he’s on OUR screen jerking off, getting plowed and drinking his own cum already, so showing us some occluded fronts on […] More

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    Who Wore It Better? Footwear Edition

    You probably were so busy drooling and wacking off that you never noticed, but not all models giving their ALL for the horny membership at Alternadudes are performing fully nude.  Sometimes a well chosen item of clothes can ENHANCE the sex quotient.  Of course foot fetishists might beg to differ, but shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers […] More