Skinny Hippie Dude with Curly Pit and Pubic Hair

Blake is a super skinny hippy twink with a nice thick hairy cock. He’s a shy one at heart and has very little to say coming in.

He flirts with the camera a little bit and even acts like it might be human when he looks away and giggles as if the camera made a surprising pass at him.

Once Blake warms up, his shyness disappears and his cock grows big in his hand. Blake sits down on the edge of the bathtub and pumps away on his giant dick. Blake knows his away around his dick and soon he lets out a little sigh and drains his balls all over himself.

His cum floods out of his tip and slathers his big sack, which holds the cum in place except for a few errant drops that drip down to the floor.

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Forecast at Alternadudes is Always Calling for Showers (The Creamy Ones, Anyway)

One thing you can count on at, and that’s a gooey splash of man-made precipitation!  Here’s to getting wet and sticky the old-fashioned way. Check out a few of our favorite weather maps and watch the chance of getting drenched approach 100%.


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Emo Twink Gets Ass Blasted and Face Drenched by Lance Blass

Roxy Red is an Emo twink with a really tight asshole and an unquenchable thirst for cock. The minute he saw Lance Blass, all bets were off. Lance is a super aggressive cub stud top who loves to dominate. Roxy is the perfect match for Lance who shouts out commands like “suck my dick” and “take it”. He also peppers a few insults in at Roxy by calling him a bitch, a slut, and a cum whore to name a few. Roxy loves to be degraded that way and it makes his ass want cock all the more.

Roxy starts by going down on Lance. Roxy isn’t an aggressive guy so his blowjob starts out nice and slow with his soft warm mouth gently working Lance’s growing dick. Before long though, the cub stud is pulling Roxy’s hair and fucking his face hard.

Roxy takes the cock down his throat and as he does he starts to sweat and his hair sticks to his face and his make-up starts to run. Lance’s balls are enormous and he rams his cock deep all the way down to his big studly balls. It’s at this point that Lance start telling Roxy that he’s a fucking twink and to service his balls.

Lance stands up and barks out more commands. Both him and Roxy drop all their clothes and the twink gets on his knees to keep the service going. Lance gets tired of the blowjob and picks Roxy up and throws him down on the couch. He blows Roxy for a bit, his own giant sack dangling and swinging between his legs as he licks up the twink’s cock.

They switch positions again and Roxy is again taking it in the face when Lance tells him he’s going to bend him over and fuck him in the ass, which he does. Roxy tells the cub to keep fucking him and the fuckfest begins.

They start out doggie style before Roxy hops on top and rides the big hard dick from above, sitting on Lance’s big lap while he bobs up and down getting the cock deeper and deeper into his tight ass.

Roxy keeps going until Lance once again turns him over and fucks him from behind. When it’s time for Lance to drop his load, Roxy turns around and lays on the couch. You won’t believe the load Lance has for his tight thin twink! Help cum flood victims like dear little Roxy Red.  Stop by Alternadudes with your comments and donations (haha).

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We don’t want you to get the idea that there’s nothing awaiting you on the other side of the MEMBERS ONLY golden door at Alternadudes.  Besides still photos and screen caps we mostly post on the blog, there are tons of videos in FULL MOTION.  Here’s a tiny teaser of Alternadudes in action!

Hole wrecking excitement!

Giving your bud a handy!


Two’s company, three’s a sandwich!

When rockers meet their match!

Hours and hours of videos from ten years of Alternadudes action, so stop in, willya?

Stairwell Solo with Alternadudes’ Hottest Ginger

Ginger guys are rare and a bit of a fetish in the gay world, and when they come as hot, longhaired and perfectly built as Dillon (with a ballbuster of a cum shot in the mix) that lust and admiration is well deserved. He’s fit as a fiddle and pumped and primed and ready to unleash the beast.  No more introduction is necessary.

Dillon is a ginger surfer and skydiver who enjoys every bit of alone time he can get with his cock. He came into Alternadudes to beat off and when we suggested he do it in a public stairwell, he was thrilled beyond belief. Dillon ends his interview with directions on how to get to the rooftop stairwell and we follow him up before he whips it out and gets down to business.

Dillon is an exhibitionist and it doesn’t take much to get his clothes off. He proudly shows off his ginger pubes and thick curly armpit hair before our cameraman asks if he can touch the goods. Dillon has zero hang-ups and eagerly allows the cameraman to “help out”. Dillon stands back and lets the cameraman jack his hard cock and run his fingers through his thick pits and pubes before they almost get caught and have to run out while Dillon grabs his clothes.

Once the danger is past and they start from scratch, Dillon resumes his position and gets his cock ready to unleash its liquid. He moans as he gets closer and pounds his cock over the railing of the stairwell. He announces that he’s going to cum and shoots his load over the railing and onto the camera! He hits the lens perfectly as drop after drop of Dillon goodness hits the camera and the floor around the cameraman!

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Model of the Week: Sexy, Shaggy Dempsey Stearns

We hear you don’t have to be like, SUPERsmart to be a tv weatherman.  If so, we hope we get to see gorgeous shaggy skater dude Dempsey on our screens soon . 

Of course, he’s on OUR screen jerking off, getting plowed and drinking his own cum already, so showing us some occluded fronts on the big map will only be the cherry on the sundae.  Here are his stats as Alternaboyz MODEL OF THE WEEK:

Dempsey Stearns Vital Stats:
Height:  6,1
Age:  24
Fun Fact:  We filmed Dempsey several years ago and no one knows what happened to him. At last count he was going to school to be a weatherman.
Astrological Sign:  Taurus
Cock Size:  large
Cut – Uncut:  cut
Eye Color:  brown
Hair Color:  brown
Sexual Orientation:  gay
Relationship Status:  single
Shoe Size:  12
Body Hair:  hairy
Piercings:  none
Tattoos:  none
Favorite Position:  69
Interests:  skating, snowboarding, playing tricks on people, sucking cock

Dempsey is our rock star. This guy has a perfect body and is the ultimate in shaggy dudes. His wild hair and slim, hairy body make for the perfect combination of a perfect male specimen. He rides a mean skateboard and also likes to play in the snow. When you see his devilish smile and watch this one in action, you’ll know why so many guys are falling over themselves to do scenes with him!

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Who Wore It Better? Footwear Edition

You probably were so busy drooling and wacking off that you never noticed, but not all models giving their ALL for the horny membership at Alternadudes are performing fully nude.  Sometimes a well chosen item of clothes can ENHANCE the sex quotient.  Of course foot fetishists might beg to differ, but shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers and even socks can add a sexy little fillip to an already HOT onscreen hookup. See, keeping your shoes on during sex is not just for 1950s black and white stag films anymore.  And how about these sexy sartorial picks?

Are we right or what?  You barely notice a hot throbbing, cum-dripping piece or a hungry, gaping asshole when there is a pair of sensible shoes or conversation-piece socks in the frame.  Let this be a lesson.  To rework Diana Vreeland’s sage advice, “Before you fuck, always put back on the last item of clothing you just peeled off.”

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Is This the Fountain of Youth? If Not, Give Us A Splash Anyway!


Poor Ponce de Leon, wonder if he knew the potion he was searching for was right down between his legs (or his first mate’s)? We think it’s time to salute that most salutary of libations, a delicious creamy slug of  warm fresh man juice!  Here are some shots that make our mouths water.

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Is THIS the Hottest Team in 2018 Sports?

The World Cup started in Russia this weekend, and of course international soccer stars are SO much hotter than their American pro football equivalents.  This year’s Icelandic team got its first qualification to the World Cup in 2018, and it’s getting as much attention for its gorgeous roster as for its surprising tie game with Argentina in the first round of play.

Iceland has players who are working steadily on pro soccer teams around the world, but mainly for middling clubs. But what they may lack in big-time experience they definitely make up for in looks and raw Viking sex appeal.

Want proof?  Here are some members of the national team.

This is Birkir






And Runar! Even their names give us boners…

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