Guy Criss and Christian Matthews Nuzzle and Blow the Bushy Pubed Camera Dude

Here’s a hot threeway that starts as a little innocent pube worship.

 Christian and Guy sniff each others’ hairy pits before moving on to worship their full, thick bushes. Guy’s crotch is extra hairy and Christian laps it up with his teeth and tongue, unable to get enough pubes in his mouth. Guy returns the favor before he realizes the cameraman has popped a boner and wants some lovin’ too. Guy is the first to investigate the bulge in front of his face and to his delight, he finds a big hairy cock dripping with precum. Christian and Guy share the cameraman and bring him to the brink with their talented mouths before standing up and having a circle jerk that ends with everyone splooging all over their extra hairy pubes.

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Halloween Hijinx in Porn Last Forever — Check Out Our “Fuck the Pumpkin” Threeway

Halloween themage in porn spoils fast, like day-old fish. November 1st comes along and you don’t even want to LOOK at revelers in festive costumes or hot guys in harnesses and bat wings giving the evil eye with blackout contact lenses. BUT… the good part is that those same Halloween scenes can be trotted out year after year, like a gay adult industry version of “”It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”.  So not wanting to buck tradition, we present an evergreen from deep in the Alternadudes vault that looks fresh and new for Halloween season every year!

Alt stud, Stagg, arrives at Alternadudes with a pumpkin while Austin Mitchell and Dustin are getting ready to go to a Halloween party. Stagg has a surprise inside his pumpkin. When Dustin removes the top, he discovers the stud’s big dick inside. Stagg starts to drill a few more holes in the giant gourd while Austin digs out some costumes for the party. As the guys sift through the costumes, the clothes come off and Austin eagerly drops to his knees to service the other two horny guys.

Austin takes turns with the guys, alternating dicks in his mouth. When all three are hard, they haul the pumpkin back out and before you can say “jack-o-lantern” the three of them have their stiff dicks in each of the three holes and are fucking the living shit out of it! They go at it for a while before Stagg becomes an evil clown and Dustin throws on a gorilla outfit.Once again, Austin drops to his knees to service the clown and the gorilla before bending over to take it up the ass from big dicked Stagg. Isn’t that fresh and hot for 2018?! Stop by Alternadudes where there’s always something suspiciously new on the daily specials menu!!


Hot Threeway by a Cool Naked Pool

What’s a better way to cool off in sizzling summer heat than stripping naked and getting off at a clothing optional retreat? If there’s something tastier, don’t bother to tell us, our minds are already made up…

Christian, Tyler and Jesse are swimming in the pool floating and splashing each other when one thing leads to another and Christian and Tyler start to make out. Jesse doesn’t want to be left out so he makes his way over to the action and joins in. They grope each other as they make out in the public resort before they take it over to a nearby cabana where most of the resort can see them all in action.Tyler sits in the middle and starts jacking each of his friends as he compliments them on their best attributes. Christian can’t take the anticipation and is the first to get on his knees to service Tyler, who in turn leans down to suck off Jesse.

All of this is happening as the men of the resort are nearby talking and maybe even watching. Always the horny cocksucker, Christian gets under both of the uncut long-haired hotties to take turns with their dicks. He goes back and forth sucking and gagging on each of them before he takes them both in his mouth at the same time!

When Christian has had his fill of dick in his face, he bends Tyler over and shoves his thick cock up Tyler’s tight little bubble butt. But if you want to see all that hotness, better swing by



Boys Outdoors on a Hot July Afternoon

The greatest thing about summer (besides cookouts, cold beers and slip’n’slides) is having some XXX fun in the great outdoors. Our studios are in the crowded downtown of Los Angeles, so it’s a rare treat when we get a chance to take our models outside into the sun and fresh air.  We grabbed some of those delights to share with you today!  Check out more hot summer fun any day of the year at Alternadudes.


Fab Friday Brings Sex in Action at Alternaboyz

Sexy photos are fine, sure.  But still, posed pics don’t show the “motion in the ocean” that gets things stirred up inside your loins, do they?  Here on another Fab Friday we share some little moments of hot sex action pulled from XXX filthy favorite scenes at

Of course, these tiny moments all lead to big hot fucks and juicy climaxes.  Don’t miss the full XXX deal of watching hundreds of the hottest alt studs meeting and mating at Alternadudes…

TBT to Super Dick-raising Threesome with Christian, Murphy and Rob

Nothing can stop these three horny guys as they start off sucking any cock they can grab. They make out in a pile of flesh until Rob and Murphy each take a side of Christian as he gets his ass rimmed and his dick swallowed at the same time. Christian takes control and face fucks Rob hard until the three of them get on the floor to make a chain.

They keep on sucking ass and dick and Rob gets on his knees to service both tatted hotties at the same time. He gets both their cocks in his face and gobbles and gags and spits as he services their nice hard dicks.

Murphy is the first to stick his ass in the air and Christian mans up to fuck him deep. Christian’s balls slap and bang on Murphy’s ass as the rocker stud pounds his hairy hole hard. Rob takes his turn with Murphy and slides his cock deep inside to ream his tender asshole.

All three trade off being the bottom hole for any dick they can get.

The three make a chain and fuck and get fucked until Rob gets on his knees to take Murphy’s big thick load all over his face.

Rob gobbles it up as he cums on his own stomach. He’s drenched in jizz as Christian has a seat on the couch. Whew! Wanna see more spermspilling action and hot group fucks like this?  You’ll find them on Alternadudes