Emo Twink Gets Prize Hole from Sexxxy Surfdude Tanner

Hung and uncut emo twink, Ian Crash, is back to get his dick wet. This is the first time Ian has actually ever had sex on camera. We’ve filmed him jacking off and giving a blowjob, but never before has he ever stuck his big uncut dick inside someone’s hole. Tanner Stark is the lucky guy!

They kiss and make out for a quick little time before both of them peel off their clothes. Tanner is quick to get on his knees. He knows what he wants when he sees it and he needs Ian’s cock hard for his ass. He gets Ian nice and full but the harder Ian gets, the more he wants to suck some dick. He flips Tanner over and trades positions with him. Tanner spreads his legs and Ian gets right down in the surfer’s fuzzy crotch with his face. Ian sucks a mean dick and soon Tanner’s cock is balls deep inside Ian’s face. With some good dick sucking like that, Tanner needs it in his ass.

Ian gets back on the couch and Tanner hops on top. The surfer twink rides it hard as Ian shoves his thick one in and out with ease.

They change positions and Tanner gets on his back with his legs in the air. The emo pounds him hard and Tanner can’t help but moan and cry out. As if he needs it deeper in his ass, Tanner turns around and wants it doggie style. Ian is happy to oblige and pounds him hard from behind.

Their final moment comes when they both are hard as rocks, kissing hard and jacking their throbbing rods. They’re both on the edge and Ian is the first to blow. His cum oozes out fast. It pours out of his head and down his shaft. Tanner takes a quick lick and then goes back to beating his own hard dick. To say that Tanner blows his load would be an understatement. Have you ever seen a gas station blow up in the movies? Well that’s pretty close.
So we come to a close on another twink romance, courtesy of the good folk at Alternadudes. Hungry for more?  Well there’s a whole buffet of buff boys, tough rockers and assorted miscreants in store for you when you visit Alternadudes!

Stairwell Solo with Alternadudes’ Hottest Ginger

Ginger guys are rare and a bit of a fetish in the gay world, and when they come as hot, longhaired and perfectly built as Dillon (with a ballbuster of a cum shot in the mix) that lust and admiration is well deserved. He’s fit as a fiddle and pumped and primed and ready to unleash the beast.  No more introduction is necessary.

Dillon is a ginger surfer and skydiver who enjoys every bit of alone time he can get with his cock. He came into Alternadudes to beat off and when we suggested he do it in a public stairwell, he was thrilled beyond belief. Dillon ends his interview with directions on how to get to the rooftop stairwell and we follow him up before he whips it out and gets down to business.

Dillon is an exhibitionist and it doesn’t take much to get his clothes off. He proudly shows off his ginger pubes and thick curly armpit hair before our cameraman asks if he can touch the goods. Dillon has zero hang-ups and eagerly allows the cameraman to “help out”. Dillon stands back and lets the cameraman jack his hard cock and run his fingers through his thick pits and pubes before they almost get caught and have to run out while Dillon grabs his clothes.

Once the danger is past and they start from scratch, Dillon resumes his position and gets his cock ready to unleash its liquid. He moans as he gets closer and pounds his cock over the railing of the stairwell. He announces that he’s going to cum and shoots his load over the railing and onto the camera! He hits the lens perfectly as drop after drop of Dillon goodness hits the camera and the floor around the cameraman!

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Tatted Rocker James Gets Pummeled by Surfer Mat

James Ryder and Mat Tahari are perfect Alternadudes, a lean, muscled, tatted rocker hooking up with an edgy surfer with brushed back Mohawk.  How can we do anything but watch, beat off, and beam with delight at this hot coupling?

Mat is a hairy horny surfer with a taste for cock. He finds what he’s looking for with James Ryder who is ready to get his big dick sucked and serviced. James is the one who starts out the action, wasting no time going down on Mat. Mat can’t take it for very long, though, as he’s horny for cock in his mouth. The pants come off and soon Mat is deepthroating James, grunting and groaning as he takes the dick down his open throat. Mat takes control and face fucks the surfer hard.

The two of them flip over and jack each others hard dicks, one on top of the other. While they frot, Mat gets his fingers up inside James’ tight hole. He teases James with his fingers and the head of his big stiff dick. James begs for his hole to be stretched harder and bigger and Mat obliges with each thrust of his fingers as he rims the rocker’s asshole with his dick.

Mat gets down and eats the open ass of James, spitting on it and working it with his tongue. Mat is a grunter too. He grunts hard and deep as he does his work. Mat gets back on top and beats his pole as James services his dangling nuts.

When Mat is ready to blow his load, James gets down and takes a big wet facial. Mat is still craving cum and James happily helps him quench his thirst with a giant white thick load all over Mat’s beard, face and mouth.

Mat will be back for more, that’s for sure. He’s cockhungry and always horny as fuck!

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Twink and Surfer Fuck Each Other Silly

Horny Giovanni is just getting out of the shower and luckily tatted up surfer stud, James Ryder, is there to help him out of his towel. James wastes no time wrapping his mouth around the twink’s big thick uncut cock.

The more he slurps, the bigger Giovanni gets. When Giovanni is nice and hard, he gets the surfer to sit back and peel his pants off. His dick is huge. It’s nestled inside his tight, sweat-moistened underwear and sticking to his fuzzy balls. It rolls out and Giovanni catches it in his mouth. He sucks and licks away at the shaft until James is throbbing hard.

The pants and underwear and socks all drop to the floor and Giovanni continues his quest to pump for cum. He pulls out a condom and slides it down hand over fist onto James’ waiting cock. The twink takes a seat on the giant dick and starts to ride. He gets it inside and rides it up and down until he finally can’t take it anymore. Our cameraman had to jump in and tell him to take it slow, which he did for about 2 seconds before he threw in the towel. James saves the day by volunteering to take it up the ass. Now Giovanni needs help again since his asshole is sore and throbbing so James again, takes the reigns and uses his deep wet mouth to make the twink hard again.

James hops on and really goes to town. He’s loud and vocal and Giovanni’s dick hurts but feels good at the same time. He fucks away harder and harder. As he does, his cock stays hard as a rock. It flips and flops and bounces around side to side, up and down, and in circles – both clockwise and counterclockwise.

There isn’t a direction that his cock doesn’t hit! As his cock flies in every direction, the moaning doesn’t stop. Giovanni needs a new position and bends the surfer over the back of the couch and pounds him doggie style. He fucks James until he yells that he’s going to cum

It’s a beautiful love story, and just one of the many true-life romances that splatter the pages of

Like Blond Surf Dudes? You’ll LOVE Carter

This hot surfer dude and BMX biker is a sizzler! Carter Ride’s long blonde hair, melting smile, and hot body combine to make him an almost perfect man.

He starts out gently, careful not to bruise his massive member but gradually builds intensity with a style all his own. As he pounds harder and harder, his breathing builds to soft moans of satisfaction
His cock throbs, his body shudders, and his feet curl as he blows a thick, sticky load of pure white man-juice all over his own perfect body.
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Hot Surfer Rubs One Out for the First Day of Summer

Summer starts today, so our thoughts turn to dreams of endless surfer dudes.  Here’s one of our personal favorites.

After a quick tour of his dirty kitchen, Dax invites us into his bedroom where his pants come off to reveal his thick nest of overgrown pubes. He sits on the bed and plays with his cock until it’s hard as a rock.

His hairy balls vie for his attention as they bounce in their tight sack ready to give back to the world.

Once his cock and balls are firm and in his hands nothing is stopping Dax from his ultimate goal. He closes his eyes. He’s quiet as he rubs one out. He moves his hand up and down slowly, caressing his thick shaft and lightly squeezing his tight sack.

Surfers, skaters, rockers, emos, punks? We love ’em all at Alternadudes!

Surfer Studs: We Love Them at Alternadudes!

Few things in life rumble our gonads quicker than the sight of a sexy longhaired surfer boy.  Fortunately the pages of Alternadudes is positively FILTHY with sexy, shaggy surfers with lean hard-muscled bodies.

 Frankly for us seeing a board in the corner of his bedroom is an additional little turnon, but as long as the stud has that classic Socal beach god look, we don’t care if he’s an accountant from Peoria IRL. Check out our surfers, skaters, snowboarders, punks, emos and other fine feathered freaks at