Hot Skater Cums on His Board

Meet DT. This dude rolls in on his skateboard with the confidence that only a man with a giant cool cucumber could have. This guy sizzles as he shows off his tats and his hard body while staring at the camera with his hypnotizing and sexy-as-all-hell eyes!

When DT pulls his enormous joystick out of his pants, your eyes will pop out of your head. This guy seems to be both a grower and a shower. As he beats and pounds his man-meat, his already massive cock gets thicker and longer by the second.

While he flashes his big green eyes toward the camera, he unleashes a sea of white, juicy cum all over his skateboard!

We’re so impressed that at the end we can’t resist comparing his thick cock to a soda can. DT would make anyone want to ride off on a skateboard to catch him for some hot, steamy man action! Check out the full video at!

When SeXXY Studs Suffer Unfortunate Hairdos, Part One

Our Ramses has been a model of transformations.  If you take a look at, you’ll see he’s embarking on a major TRANSformation even recently.  But this photo set from Ramses’ past shows that being a sexy chameleon has its share of hit and miss choices, namely this oddly chosen hairstyle…Ramses is back and he’s horny as hell. This time shaggy skater, Aaron Cellar, takes the brunt of Ramses’ horniness. They start out with a heavy make-out session that soon gives way to super heavy petting. Ramses wastes no time sticking his hand up Aaron’s shorts to rub him raw. He soon pulls out Aaron’s hard cock and promptly goes down on it. He ends up getting everything in his mouth at the same time – Aaron’s full cock and both balls!
After getting his cock and balls sucked, it’s time for Aaron to get to work. Ramses presents his big long hard uncut cock for the shaggy skater to chew on. Ramses has so much pre-cum spilling out of the tip of his uncut dick that it literally is in ropes running from the tip of his dick to Aaron’s mouth to the couch.

Ramses apologizes for there being so much pre-cum as Aaron tries not to gag and gives it everything he’s got. He sucks cock for a while longer, not happy with all the pre-cum his sucking up in the process. There’s lots of body and pit licking going on as Aaron gives Ramses a tongue bath with his blowjob.
Ramses flips the shaggy skater over to reveal his big round ass. The goth punk goes in and spreads Aaron’s big cheeks to reveal a nice big hairy asshole. As Ramses goes in, he tongue fucks the skater to make him moan and beg for more. Ramses gobbles up the hairy ass and fingers the skater to get his wet, horny ass primed for some big uncut dick. Once Aaron’s asshole is ready to go, Ramses shoves his big throbbing cock inside the skater’s tight wet asshole and starts to pound away. Ramses is a good top and goes at it, balls deep, in a few different positions. Our bottom skater loves getting fucked. He grunts and groans and moans with each thrust from Ramses thin strong hips and likes the sweet beautiful pain of the giant cock going in and out of his big tight asshole.

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Saint Dillon: Alternadudes Model of the Week

What can we say about hot skater Saint Dillon?  That he’s hard and sexy and always ready to get it on?  Well yes, there’s that… That he has a great body with perfect tats and cool shaggy hair?  Well, that too! That his cock is big, uncut and delicious?  You get the idea why he’s overdue to be chosen as the Alternadudes model of the week.

 Here are some of SD’s stats and pics!

Saint Dillon Vital Stats:
Height:  5’7
Age:  24
Fun Fact:  Saint Dillon isn’t a religious man.
Astrological Sign:  Aquarius
Cock Size:  9
Cut – Uncut:  uncut
Eye Color:  brown
Hair Color:  black
Sexual Orientation:  bi
Relationship Status:  boyfriend
Shoe Size:  7.5
Body Hair:  hairy ass, pits, pubes, some chest hair
Piercings:  ears
Tattoos:  shoulder
Favorite Position:  topping and giving head
Interests:  clubbing, music, skating, The Scene

Saint Dillon is the Patron Saint of All Things Jizz. He’s also a skater who likes to party and club and get it on with the hotties. His body is perfect, his cock is big, and his sex drive is even bigger. Watch out for this guy. If you bump into him on the street, you’d better be prepared to fuck, because Saint Dillon needs ass and cock 24 hours a day!

Seriously dear readers, just about every guy we shoot for Alternadudes richly deserves to be model of the week, month, or year.  Otherwise they wouldn’t have made the cut in the first place.  Check in to Alternadudes early and often and see what other hot tricks we have up our sleeves!

#MondayFunday Features a Fab Fourway

Enrique Currero & Kris Anthony are back for another scene. This time we threw them into a 4-some with TJ and Johnny, both skaters. Right off the bat, these four have mouths and arms and legs and balls and dick everywhere!

In the beginning, Kris Anthony and Johnny pair up, while Enrique Currero and TJ take the other end of the couch. TJ goes down on Enrique’s giant uncut Cuban cock while Johnny takes charge of Kris’ big pole.

It’s not long before the four of them meet in the middle and quickly nominate Johnny as the group bitch.
Johnny loves being the hole for the guys and lays down while each of the other three take turns face fucking him before doing a tag team number on Johnny’s asshole. After the tag team session, Kris Anthony lays down and Johnny hops on his dick.

TJ is up front getting serviced by Johnny’s mouth when Enrique comes up from behind and shoves his thick snake inside Johnny for a double penetration fuck session of Dionysian proportions!

In the end, Johnny is spent, and Kris Anthony gets voted in as the group sperm dumpster. One by one Kris gets jizzed on before they all wipe up and go their separate ways.

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Wiggles is a Straight Married Guy Turned XXX Dildo Pig

Here’s a special kind of love story.  Willy Wiggles was straight till some gay buddies turned him on to oral sex and getting fucked.  Now a day isn’t quite complete till he stuffs his ass full of everything that fits (in other words, EVERYTHING). Willy is a scruffy skater who loves to have his ass stuffed with anything he can get his hands on. He picked his name because he says he loves to wiggle down on a nice big cock. Willy and the cameraman have a nice fun banter and Willy describes some of the things that turn him on the most. He gets the interest of the cameraman and soon Willy is showing off the things he does best when he’s home alone.
Willy is presented with an array of dildos ranging in size from thin to extra large and thick. He starts off small with a twinkle in his eye. He wants so badly to go for the biggest one he can grab but shows restraint and picks up a little one. He puts it inside his open hole. He’s a little disappointed that there are condoms on the dildos (they’re the cameraman’s) forcing him to use lube. At home alone, he normally likes to shove them in deep with nothing but his own spit.

Willy has had enough of the little flimsy dildo he started with and grabs a size bigger. This time it’s a sturdy glass phallus and he gets it all the way in. He rides the glass cock hard, showing off his feet before graduating up to the next size.


Willy trades up all the way through his play session and eventually picks a double dong dildo that bends in half. He shoves both ends into his ass and uses the bent part outside of his hole like a handle. He fucks himself hard with the double ends, each shoved deep inside as he moans with every inch they go deeper.

Where does it all end?! Either stop by Alternadudes and check out the XXXX video or keep an eye out for Wiggles, coming to a fire hydrant near you…

Rub a Dub Dub, Three Twinks by the Hot Tub


Here’s a bedtime story your dick will surely appreciate, courtesy of your friends at Alternadudes:

Christian, Tyler and Jesse are swimming in the pool floating and splashing each other when one thing leads to another and Christian and Tyler start to make out. Jesse doesn’t want to be left out so he makes his way over to the action and joins in. They grope each other as they make out in the public resort before they take it over to a nearby cabana where most of the resort can see them all in action.

Tyler sits in the middle and starts jacking each of his friends as he compliments them on their best attributes. Christian can’t take the anticipation and is the first to get on his knees to service Tyler, who in turn leans down to suck off Jesse. All of this is happening as the men of the resort are nearby talking and maybe even watching. Always the horny cocksucker, Christian gets under both of the uncut long-haired hotties to take turns with their dicks. He goes back and forth sucking and gagging on each of them before he takes them both in his mouth at the same time!

When Christian has had his fill of dick in his face, he bends Tyler over and shoves his thick cock up Tyler’s tight little bubble butt. Tyler takes every inch of Christian deep inside his ass while he takes Jesse’s dick in his mouth. He gobbles cock and gets fucked like a pro and just when he’s getting into the groove of it, Jesse takes his rightful place on the cabana lounge and puts his ass in the air to take his turn with Christian.

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SuperSTUD Dempsey Fucks Taylor

Dempsey is one of the most requested stars at Alternadudes, both by members and the other models. Watching him plow Taylor gives you one big, hard, drippin  reason WHY.

Dempsey and Taylor can’t keep their paws off each other. These two have a chemistry rarely seen on camera. Taylor is a bottom who can’t get enough dick, and Dempsey is the hottie skater who’s there at the right moment to stick it to him.

If you listen, you’ll hear a rave going on in the background. These two were eying each other at the party. We happened to notice and plucked them out to go have some hot man sex.

We actually had to demand they stop while we called cut because they wouldn’t stop fucking each other! Taylor is a fit and trim motorcycle dude with an enormous cock who can get himself in all sorts of positions in order to accommodate Dempsey’s man-rod.

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Pretty Faces of Our Alternadudes Stars


Let’s face it, none of us look at porn to avoid pretty faces.  But not everyone has the same definition of what constitutes beauty.

At we find hot, dick-raising beauty in what some other sites would reject as too “edgy” “intimidating” or even “weird”.  Some studios brush off prospective models by suggesting that their looks might be more appreciated somewhere like Alternadudes.  And they are right. Here you can check out just a little bit of what we consider to be the hottest looks around.

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Our XXX Alternadudes Guys Get Piggy Sucking, Eating and Swallowing!

Hey man, if you love a hot mouthful, why not REALLY get into it!? We’re proud of the fact that Alternadudes models can let loose and turn into absolute piggies when you put something hot and tasty in front of them, be that a tight round ass, thick cock (or two) low hanging balls or even a shot glass of sticky, creamy man-juice.

Whether you like flicking a tongue across a hungry hole, guzzling down your or some other dude’s cum,wrapping your lips around a big delicious sausage,

or packing your gullet full of  swollen cock while  a pair of musky balls tickle your nostrils, Alternadudes has got the pics and videos that will get your juices flowingHARD!

Fab Friday Brings Sex in Action at Alternaboyz

Sexy photos are fine, sure.  But still, posed pics don’t show the “motion in the ocean” that gets things stirred up inside your loins, do they?  Here on another Fab Friday we share some little moments of hot sex action pulled from XXX filthy favorite scenes at

Of course, these tiny moments all lead to big hot fucks and juicy climaxes.  Don’t miss the full XXX deal of watching hundreds of the hottest alt studs meeting and mating at Alternadudes…