Tatted Biker and Hippie Strike Some XXX Sparks!

When Ruckus and Murphy meet, they can both feel the sparks fly. They don’t even talk before they start kissing and there’s no discussion of what to do next.

Their primal instincts take over and soon Ruckus is on his knees taking Murphy down his throat. Murphy needs to taste Ruckus and pulls the biker’s cock out for some air before it slips into the hippie’s mouth.

One thing leads to another and after a nice long session involving a tongue up Murphy’s tight pink hole, Ruckus slides his rigid cock into Murphy’s ass.

Murphy loves every inch he can get and after a pounding that leaves him panting, Murphy gets a face and mouth full of jizz.

Ruckus doesn’t like to see his cum go to waste and scoops it up to feed it to Murphy. Whatever is left over in his hand, Ruckus uses as lube and gives Murphy a handjob until Murphy’s stiffie erupts all over his cute, tatted body.

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Hot Italian Sausage Drips on Alternadudes

Here’s the kind of sexy stud you wish would get naked and jerk for the camera but almost never does.  Till now.

We found Matteo working in a tattoo shop on Hollywood Blvd. He was too gorgeous to pass up and when he came calling for work, we gave it to him immediately. He was a bit shy because he’s straight and he’d never done anything like this before.  He settled in pretty well though and between his amazing lips, hot body, beautiful uncut dick, and unapologetic Italian accent, Matteo is one of our best catches to date.  Watch him all the way to the end and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you see his thick creamy jizz hit his trimmed black pubes. This is one stud you won’t want to miss in full sticky HD at

Bon Voyage to Alternadudes Model of the Year, Christop

If there’s one stud in our stable who personifies everything Alternadudes stands for it’s shaggy, sweet, versatile, tatted hippie god Christop.  If his sexy looks and reliably stiff cock weren’t enough, he’s amazingly smart, sweet and a dream to work with.  Over the last few years, we’ve had to hold ourselves back from booking him every week,  he’s just that good and an absolute pleasure to have around.

Unfortunately even the best things have a way of slipping through our fingers, and Christop is off to join his partner Chrisbot in sunny Spain.  It’s not the END of seeing him around these parts, but his trips back to the US will be sporadic and a rare treat.  So thanks and bon voyage to old reliable model and bud Christop.  If ever a model deserved a sash  reading “Mr. Alternadudes” it’s you.  Make that two sashes, and add “Mr. Congeniality” into that galaxy of honors.

Christop Vital Stats:
Height:  5’11
Age:  30
Fun Fact:  Christop has a doctorate degree in computer science that he just finished in London. He also requested that the cameraman put on his condom for his first scene.
Astrological Sign:  Aries
Cock Size:  7.5
Cut – Uncut:  cut
Eye Color:  brown
Hair Color:  brown
Sexual Orientation:  bi
Relationship Status:  boyfriend
Shoe Size:  11
Body Hair:  pits & pubes
Piercings:  nipples
Tattoos:  full sleeve
Favorite Position:  mutual oral & 69
Interests:  bicycle riding, poetry, photography, music

Christop (Pronounced Christoff) is a shaggy tatted rock and roll dude who’s not a musician but a tech guy at rock shows. He’s also a poet & photographer and enjoys riding his vintage Schwinn bike around town. He admits he’s dabbled with the ladies but currently has a boyfriend and thoroughly enjoys plowing his tight little ass. He’s a sweetie and although he’s currently partnered, he enjoys group sex with his man.

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Rub a Dub Dub, Three Twinks by the Hot Tub


Here’s a bedtime story your dick will surely appreciate, courtesy of your friends at Alternadudes:

Christian, Tyler and Jesse are swimming in the pool floating and splashing each other when one thing leads to another and Christian and Tyler start to make out. Jesse doesn’t want to be left out so he makes his way over to the action and joins in. They grope each other as they make out in the public resort before they take it over to a nearby cabana where most of the resort can see them all in action.

Tyler sits in the middle and starts jacking each of his friends as he compliments them on their best attributes. Christian can’t take the anticipation and is the first to get on his knees to service Tyler, who in turn leans down to suck off Jesse. All of this is happening as the men of the resort are nearby talking and maybe even watching. Always the horny cocksucker, Christian gets under both of the uncut long-haired hotties to take turns with their dicks. He goes back and forth sucking and gagging on each of them before he takes them both in his mouth at the same time!

When Christian has had his fill of dick in his face, he bends Tyler over and shoves his thick cock up Tyler’s tight little bubble butt. Tyler takes every inch of Christian deep inside his ass while he takes Jesse’s dick in his mouth. He gobbles cock and gets fucked like a pro and just when he’s getting into the groove of it, Jesse takes his rightful place on the cabana lounge and puts his ass in the air to take his turn with Christian.

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A Sexy Tatted Pig Named Lucy

Not every porn star has a spooge-ready performance name like Biff or Aiden.  Here’s a perfect tatted stud with a juicy uncut cock and hungry hole, and he’s named LUCY.  It’s a Spanish name, probably something got lost in the translation…

Lucy is horny for cock and when he gets Rave alone in the basement, all bets are off. Lucy gets on his knees and opens wide to take Rave’s monster cock.

Most guys can’t handle what Rave has dangling between his legs, but Lucy makes easy work of it and barely even gags once.

After getting his throat reamed, Lucy stands up and starts jacking his own uncut dick as Rave slides his big pole between Lucy’s legs and dry humps his hungry hole. That’s all it takes for Rave to blow and Lucy gets on his knees to take Rave’s massive load in his wide open mouth. Are you living undercover,  joining a witness protection plan or stumped on what to name your new baby?  Check out the panoply of sexy and unique names you could use in our Alternadudes model gallery!

Twink and Surfer Fuck Each Other Silly

Horny Giovanni is just getting out of the shower and luckily tatted up surfer stud, James Ryder, is there to help him out of his towel. James wastes no time wrapping his mouth around the twink’s big thick uncut cock.

The more he slurps, the bigger Giovanni gets. When Giovanni is nice and hard, he gets the surfer to sit back and peel his pants off. His dick is huge. It’s nestled inside his tight, sweat-moistened underwear and sticking to his fuzzy balls. It rolls out and Giovanni catches it in his mouth. He sucks and licks away at the shaft until James is throbbing hard.

The pants and underwear and socks all drop to the floor and Giovanni continues his quest to pump for cum. He pulls out a condom and slides it down hand over fist onto James’ waiting cock. The twink takes a seat on the giant dick and starts to ride. He gets it inside and rides it up and down until he finally can’t take it anymore. Our cameraman had to jump in and tell him to take it slow, which he did for about 2 seconds before he threw in the towel. James saves the day by volunteering to take it up the ass. Now Giovanni needs help again since his asshole is sore and throbbing so James again, takes the reigns and uses his deep wet mouth to make the twink hard again.

James hops on and really goes to town. He’s loud and vocal and Giovanni’s dick hurts but feels good at the same time. He fucks away harder and harder. As he does, his cock stays hard as a rock. It flips and flops and bounces around side to side, up and down, and in circles – both clockwise and counterclockwise.

There isn’t a direction that his cock doesn’t hit! As his cock flies in every direction, the moaning doesn’t stop. Giovanni needs a new position and bends the surfer over the back of the couch and pounds him doggie style. He fucks James until he yells that he’s going to cum

It’s a beautiful love story, and just one of the many true-life romances that splatter the pages of

Guy Criss is the Lucky “Pickle in the Middle” at the BJ Hut

Damian Dragon wants to show his buddy Jace the old hanky code. They want their dicks sucked so they throw their light blue hankies in their left back pockets and head out to the ‘Blowjob Hut’.

When they get there, they find Guy Criss already sucking off Christop’s massive hard cock and Guy is happy to get as much dick as he can cram in his mouth.

Jace and Damian join in and stuff Guy’s throat so deep with dick that he coughs and gags with ropes of spit that run down onto his shirt.

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SuperSTUD Dempsey Fucks Taylor

Dempsey is one of the most requested stars at Alternadudes, both by members and the other models. Watching him plow Taylor gives you one big, hard, drippin  reason WHY.

Dempsey and Taylor can’t keep their paws off each other. These two have a chemistry rarely seen on camera. Taylor is a bottom who can’t get enough dick, and Dempsey is the hottie skater who’s there at the right moment to stick it to him.

If you listen, you’ll hear a rave going on in the background. These two were eying each other at the party. We happened to notice and plucked them out to go have some hot man sex.

We actually had to demand they stop while we called cut because they wouldn’t stop fucking each other! Taylor is a fit and trim motorcycle dude with an enormous cock who can get himself in all sorts of positions in order to accommodate Dempsey’s man-rod.

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Dark and Lusty: Moody Tucker and his Happy Cock

Tucker is another straight dude who loves his own cock! He’s the frontman in a heavy metal band and has a nice slim frame with a wildly good looking cock and set of balls.

He eagerly gets down to business and quickly makes his monster grow.
As he beats off, he talks dirty to the camera, inviting you to suck and lick him and sit on his hard dick. 

He shows his hairy asshole and spanks himself while continuing to whack his meat with alternating fists of fury. 

With pinpoint accuracy, he spits on his own boner over and over and uses it as his lube. Watch as he pretends his dick is a laser gun, ready to shoot the camera to smithereens!

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Hot model of the day: Hair Band Stud B.Nefarious!

Some guys DON’T look like the word “model” would be attached to them in any way.  B. Nefarious is  a tough tatted dude with a tangle of Dee Snider hair and tattoos anywhere they can fit. But he’s unique and hot, and our “model of the day”.

B Nefarious Vital Stats:
Height:  5’10
Age:  27
Fun Fact:  B Nefarious is a carpenter by day.
Astrological Sign:  Scorpio
Cock Size:  7.5 with a scar on the head
Cut – Uncut:  cut
Eye Color:  blue
Hair Color:  blonde
Sexual Orientation:  whatever
Relationship Status:  single
Shoe Size:  10
Body Hair:  facial
Piercings:  ears stretched to 1 3/4
Tattoos:  everywhere
Favorite Position:  your mouth
Interests:  metal, Mexican food, beer, dancing, carpentry, science fiction

B Nefarious is a full on rocker dude who likes old school heavy metal. He’s a handful both in bed and in every day life. He’s into almost anything sexually and doesn’t care if he’s with a man or a woman or anything in between.

He likes taking it up the ass and loves to face fuck other tatted dudes. When he’s not face fucking or taking a big stiff one, you can find him reading science fiction, watching movies of the same genre, and going out to his favorite Mexican restaurants.

What are you waiting for, modeling agencies? so much unique hot stuff just waiting to be signed to an exclusive contract!  In the meantime, we’re glad to have him as part of our Alternadudes stable of studs!