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Spooky Alecks Scares and Arouses Us at the Same Time

There’s something about Alecks.  Is it the kooky contacts, the shaggy tousled locks, the smooth tatted body, or the overall look of a Nosferatu demon? Must be a combination of all those things, but we don’t know whether we can’t take our eyes off him because he’s undeniably hot or because we’re afraid to look away!

Keep an eye on all the hot creepy goings on at Alternadudes as we enter the spooky fall season–be there or be damned for eternity!!

Wiggles is a Straight Married Guy Turned XXX Dildo Pig

Here’s a special kind of love story.  Willy Wiggles was straight till some gay buddies turned him on to oral sex and getting fucked.  Now a day isn’t quite complete till he stuffs his ass full of everything that fits (in other words, EVERYTHING). Willy is a scruffy skater who loves to have his ass stuffed with anything he can get his hands on. He picked his name because he says he loves to wiggle down on a nice big cock. Willy and the cameraman have a nice fun banter and Willy describes some of the things that turn him on the most. He gets the interest of the cameraman and soon Willy is showing off the things he does best when he’s home alone.
Willy is presented with an array of dildos ranging in size from thin to extra large and thick. He starts off small with a twinkle in his eye. He wants so badly to go for the biggest one he can grab but shows restraint and picks up a little one. He puts it inside his open hole. He’s a little disappointed that there are condoms on the dildos (they’re the cameraman’s) forcing him to use lube. At home alone, he normally likes to shove them in deep with nothing but his own spit.

Willy has had enough of the little flimsy dildo he started with and grabs a size bigger. This time it’s a sturdy glass phallus and he gets it all the way in. He rides the glass cock hard, showing off his feet before graduating up to the next size.


Willy trades up all the way through his play session and eventually picks a double dong dildo that bends in half. He shoves both ends into his ass and uses the bent part outside of his hole like a handle. He fucks himself hard with the double ends, each shoved deep inside as he moans with every inch they go deeper.

Where does it all end?! Either stop by Alternadudes and check out the XXXX video or keep an eye out for Wiggles, coming to a fire hydrant near you…

Who Wore It Better? The #Buttplug Edition

Not all your fashion choices are going to be obvious to the viewing public.  Maybe only a smile or inner glow will show off what you’re wearing down where it counts, and only a select few get to see the actual item in question.  In other words, what have you got UP YOUR BUTT? Let’s have a look, courtesy of our Alternadudes stars:

Hey guys, whatever keeps your ass full and happy, even if it’s a household object or piece of produce that will do in a pinch.  “A happy hole means a happy home” we always say!

Is This for Real? Dashie Gets Off with his Toys (Stuffed Animals, That Is)…

Sometimes, models come in to Alternadudes with creative ideas for their photo and video shoots.  Occasionally those ideas are so far out and off the wall that we’re just powerless to say no! This is one of the most jaw-droppingly weird of those moments.

Dashie starts out slow in his Brony gear and slowly progresses to the point where he’s buck naked. He whips out his big, smooth cock and plays with his giant shaved sack until he’s rock hard and ready for more.

He’s not just satisfied with his hand, so he hops on his stuffed unicorn and humps away. His cute little ass goes to town on his favorite toy before he pulls out a pink vibrator and slides it into his tight ass. He plunges it in and out and the closer Dashie gets to cumming, the more rigid his body becomes. If you want to see Dashie squirt off a big load direct to his unicorn’s eye, you have to stop by Alternadudes and see the full scene in wild, larger-than-life full HD, along with all the other dick-draining and bizarrely sexy hijinks we have up our sleeves.

Corey Gunz is a Fuckin HOT Redneck Hipster!

Corey is a hot redneck hipster with a perfect tight body, hair in all the right places, and a big thick cock that will bring you to your knees.

Corey starts out slow in the back yard as he gets his dick hard. He pulls out the inside of a jackoff sleeve and inserts to pump it hard.

His big floppy balls swell as he picks up the pace.

Corey finally blows a massive load of thick white cream into his hand and onto his full, curly bush.

Sexy redneck Corey is just one of the hundreds of hot, alternative, real guys on flagrant, filthy, boner-raising display every week at