Ginger Dude Yanks on His Dick

Dom Ty is back and this time his fire crotch is ready for more pumping action.

He peels off his jockstrap and gets to work rubbing his dick and lowhangers nestled right under his thatch of bright red pubes.

He works his cock and blasts his load before he takes a taste. When all is said and done, he admits it’s the first time he’s ever tasted his own jizz!

Spicy XXX Ginger is a Tough Redheaded Fucker

Like ’em fiery?  Elija is a tough redhaired stud with a little bit of… danger? Surprise? Smoking hot , ball-busting sex appeal?  Yes, yes and yes.

Elija is one of the most rough and tumble punks to grace an Alternadudes production. This guy is bad-ass with a surly attitude. He’s real and raw with tats hair and clothes to prove it.

There was no directing this bad boy as he came in, took charge, and beat off to his own tune!

He starts off laying down, then stands up and keeps going, all while staying in his boxers.

You’ll be able to sneak a peek up the bottom of his boxers, leaving just enough to the imagination to get your rocks off. He’s so in his own world that our camera man thought Elija was going to blow his load all over the camera while he was underneath filming!   Trust us, Elija is even hotter in full HD Dick-o-Vision, like all our Alternadudes studs.  Catch him and all the action at

Pretty Faces of Our Alternadudes Stars


Let’s face it, none of us look at porn to avoid pretty faces.  But not everyone has the same definition of what constitutes beauty.

At we find hot, dick-raising beauty in what some other sites would reject as too “edgy” “intimidating” or even “weird”.  Some studios brush off prospective models by suggesting that their looks might be more appreciated somewhere like Alternadudes.  And they are right. Here you can check out just a little bit of what we consider to be the hottest looks around.

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Hipster Farmdudes Show How They Like it in the Country (Up the Ass)

Two sexy farm studs goin at it the way they learned in the barnyard.  That’s what we like!

August is hard as a rock and his thick 8 inch ginger cock is leaking precum into his underwear. Farmer Tom takes notice and licks up the sticky mess before pulling down the elastic to reveal August’s nice hard dick.

Farmer Tom opens wide to get every inch of August into his throat. He licks and sucks, making sure to service his balls too.

They flip over and before August goes in for the prize of licking Farmer Tom’s hairy asshole, he stops to take a lick of Tom’s dark pits. August works his way on down and works Tom’s hole hard, opening it up so he can ram his big hard rod inside.

Farmer Tom loves every thrust from August and grunts with each one. They fuck doggie style on the couch before they move the whole operation over to the staircase.

Farmer Tom rides August’s cock while he jacks himself off. August’s cock feels so good pounding his asshole and it makes Tom blast his white hot load all over his thick curly crotch of pubes.

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Friday Fun with Cliff Jensen and Thrasher in a Tent

Thrasher is rooting around in a tent that’s not his. His intentions aren’t good ones as he goes through a backpack and takes what he wants. His actions haven’t gone unnoticed, however. Cliff Jensen just happens to be the rookie cop watching over the Occupy protests. He corners Thrasher in the tent and grills him about hat he’s doing. Thrasher doesn’t want to go to jail and promises that he’ll do anything at all to avoid it. Cliff takes him up on the offer and the tent door gets closed without delay.

Once they’re alone, the skater gets to his handiwork and plants his face in Cliff’s bulging crotch. He can’t believe his eyes when Cliff whips out his big thick monster cock and makes Thrasher choke on it. Cliff’s dick gets longer and thicker and before he’s fully undressed, he decides to give the skater a little lesson on how to properly ride a night stick.

Thrasher’s tight little ass goes in the air and Officer Cliff pepper sprays his hole. As his ring of fire burns away, Cliff sticks his night stick in the little hole in front of him and proceeds to pound away on Thrasher’s ass. Thrasher doesn’t like it at first but then starts to enjoy the stick up his ass. Cliff assures Thrasher that his big thick dick will hurt worse than the stick.

Cliff undoes his belt and slaps the tatted skater hard on the ass and then wraps it around his neck to give him a handle to ride with. The cop shoves his big cock in the oiled up and primed hole that Thrasher offers up and starts plowing away. Doggie style leads to Thrasher getting it spooned which leads to the skater bouncing on top.

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Corey Gunz is a Fuckin HOT Redneck Hipster!

Corey is a hot redneck hipster with a perfect tight body, hair in all the right places, and a big thick cock that will bring you to your knees.

Corey starts out slow in the back yard as he gets his dick hard. He pulls out the inside of a jackoff sleeve and inserts to pump it hard.

His big floppy balls swell as he picks up the pace.

Corey finally blows a massive load of thick white cream into his hand and onto his full, curly bush.

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