Here’s a titillating piece from the world of classical music… or is that metal… or is that Finnish longhaired dudes…?

Not everything in the world has to do with porn, gay sex or nudity. Or maybe on some level, it all does.  Finnish classical-metal fusion band Apocalyptica startled new vocalist Franky Perez when he first joined the group with their love of getting naked together.

Asked about his impressions of the APOCALYPTICA guys, Franky said: “It’s actually… and maybe the public will be happy to know that… these men are very proud of their country. And so they made a point of showing me proper Finnish culture. And I love it here. It’s gorgeous here. And people have been very friendly… One thing you all should know… And maybe it’s a Finnish thing, but I don’t think so. I think it’s an APOCALYPTICA thing. These guys love being naked. I don’t get it. I’ve been naked once, but they’re naked all the time.”

We personally have nothing against that. The members of the band recorded  one of their most acclaimed albums, 7th Symphony, sitting in a room completely naked, and dammit, that’s OK!

Maybe this is due to the point of difference that the band spent time in the recording booth naked, a strange tactic that adds to the vulnerable nature of the release: “We decided to play it naked”, songwriter Eicca Toppinen says. “It was a moment where there were four guys naked in the room just playing acoustic music. Being naked always brings good feelings. Immediately, it was much more fun.”
They think that recording the song “Beautiful” in the nude made things that much more beautiful.
The group decided to bare all on “Beautiful” — literally, as the four members recorded it nude in the studio. “Yeah, yeah, that’s a good story for that song,” Lotjonen says with a laugh. “It’s true, we did it, but…why not? It was just for fun. You know, to be naked is a totally different thing for the Finns compared to Americans. Maybe for Americans it’s difficult to understand the joke behind that. We were spending over one month in the studio, and you’ve got to get some fun happening there, too.” –Billboard Magazine
Here’s to four naked guys making beautiful music, and we can’t wait till all our favorite bands adopt that technique.