When SeXXY Studs Suffer Unfortunate Hairdos, Part One

Our Ramses has been a model of transformations.  If you take a look at, you’ll see he’s embarking on a major TRANSformation even recently.  But this photo set from Ramses’ past shows that being a sexy chameleon has its share of hit and miss choices, namely this oddly chosen hairstyle…Ramses is back and he’s horny as hell. This time shaggy skater, Aaron Cellar, takes the brunt of Ramses’ horniness. They start out with a heavy make-out session that soon gives way to super heavy petting. Ramses wastes no time sticking his hand up Aaron’s shorts to rub him raw. He soon pulls out Aaron’s hard cock and promptly goes down on it. He ends up getting everything in his mouth at the same time – Aaron’s full cock and both balls!
After getting his cock and balls sucked, it’s time for Aaron to get to work. Ramses presents his big long hard uncut cock for the shaggy skater to chew on. Ramses has so much pre-cum spilling out of the tip of his uncut dick that it literally is in ropes running from the tip of his dick to Aaron’s mouth to the couch.

Ramses apologizes for there being so much pre-cum as Aaron tries not to gag and gives it everything he’s got. He sucks cock for a while longer, not happy with all the pre-cum his sucking up in the process. There’s lots of body and pit licking going on as Aaron gives Ramses a tongue bath with his blowjob.
Ramses flips the shaggy skater over to reveal his big round ass. The goth punk goes in and spreads Aaron’s big cheeks to reveal a nice big hairy asshole. As Ramses goes in, he tongue fucks the skater to make him moan and beg for more. Ramses gobbles up the hairy ass and fingers the skater to get his wet, horny ass primed for some big uncut dick. Once Aaron’s asshole is ready to go, Ramses shoves his big throbbing cock inside the skater’s tight wet asshole and starts to pound away. Ramses is a good top and goes at it, balls deep, in a few different positions. Our bottom skater loves getting fucked. He grunts and groans and moans with each thrust from Ramses thin strong hips and likes the sweet beautiful pain of the giant cock going in and out of his big tight asshole.

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Emo Twink Gets Prize Hole from Sexxxy Surfdude Tanner

Hung and uncut emo twink, Ian Crash, is back to get his dick wet. This is the first time Ian has actually ever had sex on camera. We’ve filmed him jacking off and giving a blowjob, but never before has he ever stuck his big uncut dick inside someone’s hole. Tanner Stark is the lucky guy!

They kiss and make out for a quick little time before both of them peel off their clothes. Tanner is quick to get on his knees. He knows what he wants when he sees it and he needs Ian’s cock hard for his ass. He gets Ian nice and full but the harder Ian gets, the more he wants to suck some dick. He flips Tanner over and trades positions with him. Tanner spreads his legs and Ian gets right down in the surfer’s fuzzy crotch with his face. Ian sucks a mean dick and soon Tanner’s cock is balls deep inside Ian’s face. With some good dick sucking like that, Tanner needs it in his ass.

Ian gets back on the couch and Tanner hops on top. The surfer twink rides it hard as Ian shoves his thick one in and out with ease.

They change positions and Tanner gets on his back with his legs in the air. The emo pounds him hard and Tanner can’t help but moan and cry out. As if he needs it deeper in his ass, Tanner turns around and wants it doggie style. Ian is happy to oblige and pounds him hard from behind.

Their final moment comes when they both are hard as rocks, kissing hard and jacking their throbbing rods. They’re both on the edge and Ian is the first to blow. His cum oozes out fast. It pours out of his head and down his shaft. Tanner takes a quick lick and then goes back to beating his own hard dick. To say that Tanner blows his load would be an understatement. Have you ever seen a gas station blow up in the movies? Well that’s pretty close.
So we come to a close on another twink romance, courtesy of the good folk at Alternadudes. Hungry for more?  Well there’s a whole buffet of buff boys, tough rockers and assorted miscreants in store for you when you visit Alternadudes!

Spooky Alecks Scares and Arouses Us at the Same Time

There’s something about Alecks.  Is it the kooky contacts, the shaggy tousled locks, the smooth tatted body, or the overall look of a Nosferatu demon? Must be a combination of all those things, but we don’t know whether we can’t take our eyes off him because he’s undeniably hot or because we’re afraid to look away!

Keep an eye on all the hot creepy goings on at Alternadudes as we enter the spooky fall season–be there or be damned for eternity!!

Straight Rocker Takes It Up the Ass 1st Time and On-Camera

Brandon is gay and Stray is an ass virgin who happens to be straight. Not knowing what to do with a man, Stray is lost until Brandon initiates a heavy make-out session. Stray follows the lead and quickly settles in sucking face.

Brandon quickly undoes Stray’s belt and pants and gets to his knees to service the tatted up musician. Stray loves the attention his dick is getting and closes his eyes while he leans against a pillar and a punching bag for his velvety blowjob.We originally brought Stray in to get a blowjob and that was it. We knew he was straight and didn’t press him to go any further.

He sure surprised the hell out of all of us because before long, Stray stopped the shoot saying that he thought it would be hotter if there was some fucking involved. We of course were happy to hear it and Brandon was getting ready to bend over when Stray once again shocked everyone by asking if it was okay if he was the one getting fucked.

Of course it was! And quicker than you could say “do me up the butt”, Stray’s ass was in the air ready for a nice fat guest to come in and say hi.

Stray first gets fucked by our glam twink bent over a table. It’s his first time and Brandon is pretty large and thick. Stray moans and groans as Brandon plows away pumping with a steady beat.

After a nice long session on the table, they move to the floor where Brandon keeps fucking the rocker dude. Stray is loving it and is literally shaking as Brandon drives him around the floor like a wheelbarrow.

Every rocker likes a dramatic climax.  For more hot stories of Alternadudes beauties like Brandon and Stray, check out the members’ area (and block out a good long time because you won’t leave right away…)!


Is this the best uncut, alternative, hair half-dyed blue model you’ve seen this week or WHAT!?

We found Zaide at a cocktail party with his girlfriend. We weren’t sure if he’d want to come in to strut his stuff but we sure were glad when he came a knockin’! 

  Zaide sits down in an office chair and puts on some straight porn. As he gets into the groove, he pulls off his shirt to show off his skinny white body.

When his pants hit the floor, his big thick uncut cock takes center stage and he doesn’t relent until it spews a giant batch of thick white cum.

Zaide is a showoff at heart and takes a big lick of his own load before he gives a nervous giggle and gives a thumbs up as if to say “it tastes great!”

He may be SUPERspecial, but so are the hundred other models you’ll find in the exclusive members’ area of Alternadudes!

Model of the Week Quinn!

Some guys are buff and studly, and some are shy and retiring.  Then there are the unclassifiable ones like our #modeloftheweek Quinn Cassidy!  Definitely androgynous, Quinn is not a girl in bed.  He looooves cock and it was hard to find a picture of him without his arms or legs wrapped around another guy, but how charming is that?

But Quinn  is also ready to be a tough top when the occasion RISES

Here’s to a sexy rocker androgyne who can give as hard as he takes!  Here are his sexy stats:

Quinn Cassidy Vital Stats:
Height:  5’8
Age:  23
Fun Fact:  Quinn makes a mean pineapple upside down cake.
Astrological Sign:  Libra
Cock Size:  8
Cut – Uncut:  cut
Eye Color:  blue
Hair Color:  brown
Sexual Orientation:  queer & poly
Relationship Status:  partnered & poly
Shoe Size:  9.5
Body Hair:  pubes
Piercings:  nose & ears
Tattoos:  forearm, back, foot
Favorite Position:  depends on his mood – straddling as both a top and a bottom
Interests:  singing, songwriting, dancing, drums, American modern literatureQuinn is another of our guys who lives and breaths cock. He likes it in his mouth, his face, his asshole, his ears, his nose and if he had more holes there would be even more dick filling them. He’s versatile, so he’s no stranger to sticking his nice big one inside warm tight spaces. He’s a singer in a band and also plays drums. When he’s not singing, dancing or getting laid, you’ll find Quinn reading quietly in his favorite coffee shop and reading Bukowski, Faulkner, Thompson and Kerouac among others.

Not All Emos are Wimps… Jake (and his big cock) are STRONG!

Jake Strong is an 18 year old emo rocker dude with tons of tats, long black hair, piercings and a dream dick that is about as beautiful as the rest of him!

Jake is straight so he brought along his favorite girlie mag to start things off. He patiently flips through pages before sticking his hands down his super tight jeans to get his junk in place before peeling his pants off.

 He beats off in his boxers a bit and then hauls out the sausage! Our cameraman was taken aback and actually started to giggle when he saw how big Jake’s dick was. Jake had told us he had a big one, but no one really thought it was about 10 inches long!

As he continues to milk away at his huge, slightly curved monster-schlong, his giant low-hangers bounce up and down. Jake throws in a few choice dirty words as he gets closer to the gushing point.

Finally, as he’s about to burst, his legs stiffen, his head goes back, he moans, and his dick spews loads of thick straight sperm all over his ultra thin stomach!

Don’t miss the next monster-hung DUDE we will manage to find for you the devoted readers of all thing Alternadudes!  Stop in today!

Top Ten Scene from Alternadudes: Ruckus and Quinn’s Tatted Fuckfest

Some scenes are so hot on Alternadudes they end up in the top ten most-viewed list.  Here is a favorite featuring manly tatted biker stud Ruckus paired up with hot androgynous alt dude Quinn. Ruckus and Quinn make a fine pairing and they can’t wait to get their balls on each other! They’re both very sensual guys and they take their time getting to know each others bodies with lots of deep kissing and heavy petting before they get out of their clothes.
Ruckus is the guy who can’t hold off with his need for cock. He gets Quinn naked and hard and is the first to get some dick in his mouth. He goes to town on Quinn’s rock hard 8 incher working the shaft and balls and even licks Quinn’s pubes. When Ruckus gets fully naked, Quinn grabs the biker’s giant sack and tugs hard, stretching his balls to the limit. After all the ball and cock play, Quinn is ready to get the stud to plow his ass.
Ruckus mounts the skinny rocker dude and has no problem getting balls deep inside the asshole in front of him. He plows hard with his lowhanging sack slapping back and forth on Quinn’s ass with every hard thrust he can muster.

And here’s a butt-flavored taste of the hot action…. See it all at Alternadudes!


Green Haired Emo Gets a Mouthful of Dick

Tyler Crue is a horny alt stud with a large thick cock that’s ready for action. Skyler is an emo twink with green hair and is just as eager to get down to business!

These two make out hard to make each other hard. Once Skyler is naked (except for his knee high striped socks),

Tyler picks him up like a toy and plops him on the kitchen table. Tyler rims and sucks the twink as if someone is going to come in and take him away at any moment. They take turns eating ass, sucking dick, licking balls and making out.

Skyler isn’t one to miss an opportunity to get face fucked though, so he rolls over on his back and hangs his head off the table. Tyler happily takes the hint and shoves his tight erect junk in Skyler’s wet twink mouth. Tyler pumps Skyler’s face and uses him like a fleshlight!

Green hair, long hair, or no hair at all, we have cool alt studs of every type at Alternadudes!

Pretty Faces of Our Alternadudes Stars


Let’s face it, none of us look at porn to avoid pretty faces.  But not everyone has the same definition of what constitutes beauty.

At we find hot, dick-raising beauty in what some other sites would reject as too “edgy” “intimidating” or even “weird”.  Some studios brush off prospective models by suggesting that their looks might be more appreciated somewhere like Alternadudes.  And they are right. Here you can check out just a little bit of what we consider to be the hottest looks around.

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“One of us, one of us, gabba gooba, we accept you.” Join our fine circle of freaks.