MonthNovember 2018

Smokin’ Hot Tatted Nerd Jacks Watching Alternadudes

When did “nerd” become a dirty word to call someone? I guess there are some boring nerds  running around, but not this one, that’s for sure! As long as there are cute nerds covered in tats and packing  huge cocks like Alix’s, all we can say is “Viva la Nerd!”  Here’s his story:

Alix is horny as he walks into his room to find some porn. He’s into other tatted dudes and can’t wait to login to Alternadudes to find what he’s looking for.

Once he’s into the site, he takes off his shoes and socks and starts rubbing his growing bulge through his khaki shorts. As his cock gets bigger, he unzips his pants and pulls off the first layer to show his nice black underwear and the outline of a big thick cock. He rubs it through his underwear, letting the tip pop out of the bottom.

Alix peels off the last remaining layer, revealing a beautifully groomed cock and giant low hanging balls. He’s growing bigger by the second and he takes charge of his own dick, rubbing it up and down with a frenzy.
His big balls bounce in their pink sack of skin, rolling around and hitting his leg with each pound of his fist.

Alix is ready to blow his load. His feet curl, his breathing is heavy, and his eyes roll back as his whole body stiffens.

What will happen next? You won’t see the eXXXciting ending till you stop by (haha).

Skinny Hippie Dude with Curly Pit and Pubic Hair

Blake is a super skinny hippy twink with a nice thick hairy cock. He’s a shy one at heart and has very little to say coming in.

He flirts with the camera a little bit and even acts like it might be human when he looks away and giggles as if the camera made a surprising pass at him.

Once Blake warms up, his shyness disappears and his cock grows big in his hand. Blake sits down on the edge of the bathtub and pumps away on his giant dick. Blake knows his away around his dick and soon he lets out a little sigh and drains his balls all over himself.

His cum floods out of his tip and slathers his big sack, which holds the cum in place except for a few errant drops that drip down to the floor.

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Hot Italian Sausage Drips on Alternadudes

Here’s the kind of sexy stud you wish would get naked and jerk for the camera but almost never does.  Till now.

We found Matteo working in a tattoo shop on Hollywood Blvd. He was too gorgeous to pass up and when he came calling for work, we gave it to him immediately. He was a bit shy because he’s straight and he’d never done anything like this before.  He settled in pretty well though and between his amazing lips, hot body, beautiful uncut dick, and unapologetic Italian accent, Matteo is one of our best catches to date.  Watch him all the way to the end and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you see his thick creamy jizz hit his trimmed black pubes. This is one stud you won’t want to miss in full sticky HD at