MonthJune 2018

“Buck Up” is a Hot New Boner Drink. Read About it at Homomania!

Our porn brothers Chris and Andy have hit a home run with their addictive new blog Homomania. They have been seeking out and exposing us all to the new, wild, fun and WEIRD beyond the edges of the big corporate porn world.

Today we just found out a bout a magical elixir that gets your boner up and raring to go (and it’s not a creamy load fresh from its meaty tap). Here’s what they have to say about sex-dripping energy potion “Buck Up”:

We swear this isn’t an ad!  Word on the street is some porn studios are giving their models an energy drink that gives them boners.  Is it true?  Try it.

This is not sponsored content, we’re not lying about that!  According to the company, “Buck Up,” the drink is an “all natural energy and male enhancement shooter.” 

No compensation was given to us about this boner drink. Trust us.  We wouldn’t lie to you. We wouldn’t. Ever.

According to one anonymous porn studio owner, “Buck Up has been a lifesaver for us on the set. We’ve had guys bring their own dangerous counterfeit Viagra, and then they would often have extreme heart palpitations. One time we even had to send a guy to the hospital!

Of course we aren’t wasting any more time writing when we are heading out to stock up on Boner Up… we mean “Buck Up”. Read this and more at Homomania blog.

(But here’s a picture of the potion in question and a link, in case you’re too lazy to click through and read the full story.  Get it here, boys!)

Friday Moment of XXX Zen with Your Hippie Dippy Yoga Master

Sterling Guy is a hairy horny hippie who can’t wait to slip out of his clothes and onto the bed to work his dick. 

He takes his time with his hairy cock and balls and reaches for a big dildo to help himself out.

He rolls over and finishes himself off once and for all with a blast of creamy white semen to his hot and hairy body!

We can’t all be gurus or yoga masters, but we can watch some amazing feats of physical and spiritual fortitude at  Catch it while it’s hot!


Tatted Studs Bring New meaning to Christian Rock

Rock and Christian are muscly dudes with a ton of tats.  Put them together and you got a whole new XXX Alternadudes twist on that old tired genre of “Christian Rock”.

Rock is an inked up horny daddy who’s ready to stick his big thick tatted cock inside Christian’s tight hairy hole. Christian bends over to take it deep and begs Rock to go balls deep. The big hairy stud plows his buddy hard before he hops on for some riding action of his own.

Rock takes Christian’s dick inside his asshole until they flip fuck again and Rock’s rock hard cock hits the perfect spot to make Christian blast his load all over his perfect tight body! That’s what makes us say “Holy Fuck!”  See more MORE  MORE at

Check Out This Amateur Goth Dude’s Video on Alternadudes

This is DIY homemade porn filmmaking at its raw best. We have no screen caps, photos or anything to show but the video itself, and for that you need to head on over to

“Jake is one horny goth. He comes in, revs up his cam and doesn’t waste any time getting naked to show off his tats and his big hard cock. When Jake stares into the cam, he’ll lure you in with his dark eyes (one of which is completely black), his friendly smile, and his cute shaggy hair. He puts on one hell of a show as he jacks off and makes his own homemade dirty movie exclusively for Alternadudes”

Sunday Funday: Tastiest Butts at Alternadudes

Granted, at a XXX gay adult site, dicks are gonna be the main course.  But what about those of us who want to get a glimpse of the models’ delicious asses? As an equal-opportunity cock teaser, we want to make sure every man gets the dick-tickling photos that work for HIM. so here you have it.  A hot gallery of Alternadudes boys who have a big future behind them…

Of course this is just a small sample platter of the butt buffet you will find in the photo galleries of Alternadudes.   Get a little taste or gorge yourself today!

Is This for Real? Dashie Gets Off with his Toys (Stuffed Animals, That Is)…

Sometimes, models come in to Alternadudes with creative ideas for their photo and video shoots.  Occasionally those ideas are so far out and off the wall that we’re just powerless to say no! This is one of the most jaw-droppingly weird of those moments.

Dashie starts out slow in his Brony gear and slowly progresses to the point where he’s buck naked. He whips out his big, smooth cock and plays with his giant shaved sack until he’s rock hard and ready for more.

He’s not just satisfied with his hand, so he hops on his stuffed unicorn and humps away. His cute little ass goes to town on his favorite toy before he pulls out a pink vibrator and slides it into his tight ass. He plunges it in and out and the closer Dashie gets to cumming, the more rigid his body becomes. If you want to see Dashie squirt off a big load direct to his unicorn’s eye, you have to stop by Alternadudes and see the full scene in wild, larger-than-life full HD, along with all the other dick-draining and bizarrely sexy hijinks we have up our sleeves.

Hot Surfer Rubs One Out for the First Day of Summer

Summer starts today, so our thoughts turn to dreams of endless surfer dudes.  Here’s one of our personal favorites.

After a quick tour of his dirty kitchen, Dax invites us into his bedroom where his pants come off to reveal his thick nest of overgrown pubes. He sits on the bed and plays with his cock until it’s hard as a rock.

His hairy balls vie for his attention as they bounce in their tight sack ready to give back to the world.

Once his cock and balls are firm and in his hands nothing is stopping Dax from his ultimate goal. He closes his eyes. He’s quiet as he rubs one out. He moves his hand up and down slowly, caressing his thick shaft and lightly squeezing his tight sack.

Surfers, skaters, rockers, emos, punks? We love ’em all at Alternadudes!

Green Haired Emo Gets a Mouthful of Dick

Tyler Crue is a horny alt stud with a large thick cock that’s ready for action. Skyler is an emo twink with green hair and is just as eager to get down to business!

These two make out hard to make each other hard. Once Skyler is naked (except for his knee high striped socks),

Tyler picks him up like a toy and plops him on the kitchen table. Tyler rims and sucks the twink as if someone is going to come in and take him away at any moment. They take turns eating ass, sucking dick, licking balls and making out.

Skyler isn’t one to miss an opportunity to get face fucked though, so he rolls over on his back and hangs his head off the table. Tyler happily takes the hint and shoves his tight erect junk in Skyler’s wet twink mouth. Tyler pumps Skyler’s face and uses him like a fleshlight!

Green hair, long hair, or no hair at all, we have cool alt studs of every type at Alternadudes!

Model of the Day: Blond Asian Twink Yuki Sniffs and Fingers Himself

Model of the Day Yuki is an Asian skater punk with a fetish for sniffing underwear and shoving things up his butt.  When he’s not gorging his asshole you can find him listening to music and going to concerts. Yuki is an extremely talented photographer and is on his way to becoming one of the big ones!

Here’s his breakdown, model agencies! Stop by Alternadudes any time to scout for the supermodels of tomorrow!

Yuki Botwin Vital Stats:
Height:  6’0
Age:  27
Fun Fact:  Yuki is responsible for the viral photo on the internet of a hot guy with the phrase “Kiss me where I pee” written in lipstick on his stomach. The hot guy was his boyfriend at the time. He’s happy the photo went viral but is bummed that he gets no credit.
Astrological Sign:  Scorpio
Cock Size:  6
Cut – Uncut:  uncut
Eye Color:  black
Hair Color:  blonde
Sexual Orientation:  gay
Relationship Status:  single
Shoe Size:  9
Body Hair:  shaved with hairy pubes and balls
Piercings:  plugs in both ears
Tattoos:  shoulders & chest
Favorite Position:  anything up his butt
Interests:  punk music, photography, cock


Alt Daddy Adam Russo Sticks it to Tristan Matthews

Tatted rocker dude, Tristan Mathews is in need of some major cock. Luckily, alt daddy stud Adam Russo, is horny and willing to share his dick with others. Adam is a rough one and Tristan never seems to catch a break with the men he gets with. He always gets ‘em rough and demanding. He goes along with what they want like any good bottom should but once again, he takes an ass beating in the process.

Making out is a must with Tristan, but that quickly dissolves into something a little more festive. Adam has a huge bulge in his shorts that doesn’t go unnoticed by our tatted rocker. He reaches down and gives it the attention it needs. Soon it’s out and in the open and Tristan is gobbling it up like a pro cocksucker. They switch it up and Adam takes the helm with the dick licking.

He deepthroats Tristan before he flips him over and they 69. Tristan gets Adam’s cock back down his throat. In the meantime, Adam starts sticking his tongue up Tristan’s tight but waiting asshole. He rims it good. It gets moist and loose and when it does, Adam starts sticking his fingers deep inside. Fingers are one thing, but they both know you need a cock to complete the job.

The cock is soon inside where it belongs pumping away at the hairy hole in front of it. Tristan is such a good bottom. He takes the big daddy cock with every thrust that Adam musters. Adam is rough and he’s a dirty talker through and through. Adam swears and keeps his aggressive talking and actions up as he pumps the rocker harder and harder.

Check out more of Tristan, Adam and our great galaxy of goons at