MonthMay 2018

Who’s Your Favorite Longhaired ‘Dude of the Day?

Since Alternadudes started, one of the defining features of our website has been that it’s one of the few gay adult sites that features longhaired guys, with everything but an unkempt shag to an emo asymmetrical bang to a rocker shoulder-length to a hipster manbun  to a hippie Afro. We know if you visit our blog you probably enjoy the raw sex appeal of men with more than a standard-issue crew cut, so here’s a chance to see a few of our favorite longhairs and weigh in by commenting.

Dillon O’Brien, Ginger Surfgod –does he hit the mark for you?

Murphy Maxwell, Classic Longhaired Rocker–thumbs up (his adorable bum)?

Or maybe boyish beach ‘dude Hans, full of spunk and mischief?

These are just a few of the great longhaired studs on Alternadudes.  Check back every week for another installment of “‘Dude of the Day”


Ginger Hipster Dude Tries on Butt Plugs Till He Finds the Right Size

Dom Ty is a bi ginger dude who likes to fist any man or woman who will bend over for him. His cock is swollen and popping with veins and he’s ready to knock one out. He starts light with a tiny little butt plug that doesn’t quite do the trick. He slowly builds up to bigger sizes as his cock gets darker the more engorged it becomes.

After getting just the right size to fill his ass, Dom Ty flips around and works his big meat until he spews jizz all over his pale, tatted body. 

Ginger is just one of the spicy flavors of the men you’ll see at Alternadudes.  Go ahead, taste them all!

Sunday Funday: Who Wore it Better?

In today’s edition of WHO WORE IT BETTER, we have the glazed face edition.  Do you prefer the sticky sloppy, balls-drained look of contestant number one,

this long, insistent drip from the corner of a well-fucked mouth, contestant number two,

OR this, the stylish, restrained chic of a little cum-beard that ornaments the chin like a glistening bauble? Contestant number three…

In this game, there are NO wrong answers. Visit ALTERNADUDES to see gobs of creamy goodness on every bodypart and adjacent surface…

International Model of the Week: Meet Scruffy French-Canadian Nico!

First up on the Alternaboyz cavalcade of international male modeling sensations, meet Nico. Nico is a Scruffy French Canadian skater that we found in a bar. He was playing video poker and hanging around checking out the men in the gay bar even though he doesn’t drink.

Nico says he’s bi and he has a girlfriend, but somehow we think he was a little too eager to get naked for our cameras.

When Nico isn’t skulking around gay bars or jacking off for porn sites, you can find him with his comic books or skating down the Boulevard.

If you’re a “dedicated follower of fashion” you won’t want to miss the wide array of drool-worthy men on flagrant display at Alternadudes for your delight and nut-busting!

In Non-Porn News, Finnish Longhaired Rock Cellists Got Naked to Record…

Here’s a titillating piece from the world of classical music… or is that metal… or is that Finnish longhaired dudes…?

Not everything in the world has to do with porn, gay sex or nudity. Or maybe on some level, it all does.  Finnish classical-metal fusion band Apocalyptica startled new vocalist Franky Perez when he first joined the group with their love of getting naked together.

Asked about his impressions of the APOCALYPTICA guys, Franky said: “It’s actually… and maybe the public will be happy to know that… these men are very proud of their country. And so they made a point of showing me proper Finnish culture. And I love it here. It’s gorgeous here. And people have been very friendly… One thing you all should know… And maybe it’s a Finnish thing, but I don’t think so. I think it’s an APOCALYPTICA thing. These guys love being naked. I don’t get it. I’ve been naked once, but they’re naked all the time.”

We personally have nothing against that. The members of the band recorded  one of their most acclaimed albums, 7th Symphony, sitting in a room completely naked, and dammit, that’s OK!

Maybe this is due to the point of difference that the band spent time in the recording booth naked, a strange tactic that adds to the vulnerable nature of the release: “We decided to play it naked”, songwriter Eicca Toppinen says. “It was a moment where there were four guys naked in the room just playing acoustic music. Being naked always brings good feelings. Immediately, it was much more fun.”
They think that recording the song “Beautiful” in the nude made things that much more beautiful.
The group decided to bare all on “Beautiful” — literally, as the four members recorded it nude in the studio. “Yeah, yeah, that’s a good story for that song,” Lotjonen says with a laugh. “It’s true, we did it, but…why not? It was just for fun. You know, to be naked is a totally different thing for the Finns compared to Americans. Maybe for Americans it’s difficult to understand the joke behind that. We were spending over one month in the studio, and you’ve got to get some fun happening there, too.” –Billboard Magazine
Here’s to four naked guys making beautiful music, and we can’t wait till all our favorite bands adopt that technique.

Shaggy Rocker Studs Have a Hot XX Fuck Session

Murphy Maxwell is writing music at his keyboard when Christop walks in to find out what he’s doing. Murphy is happy for the distraction and immediately starts making out with the shaggy dude.

It’s not long before Christop is on his knees servicing the long haired tatted musician. He rubs Murphy’s hardening cock and carefully removes it from its cloth vault. He sucks and slurps until Murphy is at full mast. Christop removes his own clothes and they take it to the couch for easier access to each others bits and pieces.

Once they’re on the couch, Christop continues his cocksucking session and quickly moves down to Murphy’s harry asshole. He tongue-fucks the rocker and sucks his balls hard. They switch it up and Christop bends over the couch to let Murphy work his own magic on the shaggy dude’s butt.

They sit up and make out some more as they jack off and get each other even more worked up. When Christop is at his full 7.5 inches, Murphy rolls over on his back to take the monster full on.

Keep your eyes on, where scenes like Christop and Murphy always have a happy ending!

Alt Stud Crams His Cock into Tatted Bottom Twink

Kris Anthony comes back for some hardcore sucking, fucking, and gymnastic action with newcummer Ace Kenny. These two have that rare attraction that makes them pop on screen. They just want to feel each other’s bodies and make out while getting hard and ready for the action.

It doesn’t take long. They both pop raging hard-ons within seconds and proceed to go right into the cocksucking! After taking turns deepthroating each other, the stud moves in for a game of rim the twink as he stands on his hands and spreads his legs up in the air.

Always on the move and looking for something interesting to do, they move to a workout set, where they take turns rimming and blowing each other while hanging suspended from the handles.

Once they get their fill of eating ass and gagging on cock, they move to the rug, where Kris pounds the shit out of Ace’s tight hole.

Of course there’s a lot more to see, including the full HD video.  Check it all out at

Hipster Farmdudes Show How They Like it in the Country (Up the Ass)

Two sexy farm studs goin at it the way they learned in the barnyard.  That’s what we like!

August is hard as a rock and his thick 8 inch ginger cock is leaking precum into his underwear. Farmer Tom takes notice and licks up the sticky mess before pulling down the elastic to reveal August’s nice hard dick.

Farmer Tom opens wide to get every inch of August into his throat. He licks and sucks, making sure to service his balls too.

They flip over and before August goes in for the prize of licking Farmer Tom’s hairy asshole, he stops to take a lick of Tom’s dark pits. August works his way on down and works Tom’s hole hard, opening it up so he can ram his big hard rod inside.

Farmer Tom loves every thrust from August and grunts with each one. They fuck doggie style on the couch before they move the whole operation over to the staircase.

Farmer Tom rides August’s cock while he jacks himself off. August’s cock feels so good pounding his asshole and it makes Tom blast his white hot load all over his thick curly crotch of pubes.

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Sexy Shaggy Studs Try Hard to Cram Dick into Hole

Jake Ryans is back and this time he’s with Aden Worth. Aden is a rocker dude who’s been with us before but this time he showed up with his long hair cut a little shorter.

Short hair or long hair, he’s still packin’ his jeans. When the clothes come off and Aden unravels his big thick hairy cock, Jake’s eyes nearly pop out of his head.

Jake can’t wait to open wide, take a deep breath, and go down on Aden’s hairy dick and balls. Jake services the rocker dude as Aden lays back and enjoys the ride.

At one point, Aden decided he was going to fuck the living shit out of our young emo. As Aden slapped on the condom and brought it almost to it’s breaking point he found Jake’s ass was way too tight for his big tool.
He tried cramming his 10 pound cock in Jake’s 5 pound ass, but as the time marched on, he just couldn’t fit it inside Jake. It wasn’t for a lack of trying though!  Here at Alternadudes, even the experiments that don’t work our the way we planned  still end up being hot as hell. Don’t miss any of  our hot twosomes, solos and earthshaking group fucks!

Hung Skaters Jace and Rave Work up the Sexual Heat in a Noisy Loft

Jace and Rave are two hung skaters. Jace is a tatted, toned class clown who makes everything fun. Rave is a skinny, happy dude with a dick the size of his sense of humor.

Rave cops a squat on Jace’s big curvy dick after he crams the whole thing down his throat.

It’s a ride that neither hottie will ever forget and in the end, Rave’s bone is milked dry as Jace sprays everything within a 3 foot radius with buckets of creamy sperm!

Hope you like what you see as much as we do.  If you want to see more, bigger, faster, hotter, come on over to Alternadudes and see hundreds of hot models in scorching hookup scenes!