Hot Skater Cums on His Board

Meet DT. This dude rolls in on his skateboard with the confidence that only a man with a giant cool cucumber could have. This guy sizzles as he shows off his tats and his hard body while staring at the camera with his hypnotizing and sexy-as-all-hell eyes!

When DT pulls his enormous joystick out of his pants, your eyes will pop out of your head. This guy seems to be both a grower and a shower. As he beats and pounds his man-meat, his already massive cock gets thicker and longer by the second.

While he flashes his big green eyes toward the camera, he unleashes a sea of white, juicy cum all over his skateboard!

We’re so impressed that at the end we can’t resist comparing his thick cock to a soda can. DT would make anyone want to ride off on a skateboard to catch him for some hot, steamy man action! Check out the full video at!

Tatted Biker and Hippie Strike Some XXX Sparks!

When Ruckus and Murphy meet, they can both feel the sparks fly. They don’t even talk before they start kissing and there’s no discussion of what to do next.

Their primal instincts take over and soon Ruckus is on his knees taking Murphy down his throat. Murphy needs to taste Ruckus and pulls the biker’s cock out for some air before it slips into the hippie’s mouth.

One thing leads to another and after a nice long session involving a tongue up Murphy’s tight pink hole, Ruckus slides his rigid cock into Murphy’s ass.

Murphy loves every inch he can get and after a pounding that leaves him panting, Murphy gets a face and mouth full of jizz.

Ruckus doesn’t like to see his cum go to waste and scoops it up to feed it to Murphy. Whatever is left over in his hand, Ruckus uses as lube and gives Murphy a handjob until Murphy’s stiffie erupts all over his cute, tatted body.

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Guy Criss and Christian Matthews Nuzzle and Blow the Bushy Pubed Camera Dude

Here’s a hot threeway that starts as a little innocent pube worship.

 Christian and Guy sniff each others’ hairy pits before moving on to worship their full, thick bushes. Guy’s crotch is extra hairy and Christian laps it up with his teeth and tongue, unable to get enough pubes in his mouth. Guy returns the favor before he realizes the cameraman has popped a boner and wants some lovin’ too. Guy is the first to investigate the bulge in front of his face and to his delight, he finds a big hairy cock dripping with precum. Christian and Guy share the cameraman and bring him to the brink with their talented mouths before standing up and having a circle jerk that ends with everyone splooging all over their extra hairy pubes.

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Smokin’ Hot Tatted Nerd Jacks Watching Alternadudes

When did “nerd” become a dirty word to call someone? I guess there are some boring nerds  running around, but not this one, that’s for sure! As long as there are cute nerds covered in tats and packing  huge cocks like Alix’s, all we can say is “Viva la Nerd!”  Here’s his story:

Alix is horny as he walks into his room to find some porn. He’s into other tatted dudes and can’t wait to login to Alternadudes to find what he’s looking for.

Once he’s into the site, he takes off his shoes and socks and starts rubbing his growing bulge through his khaki shorts. As his cock gets bigger, he unzips his pants and pulls off the first layer to show his nice black underwear and the outline of a big thick cock. He rubs it through his underwear, letting the tip pop out of the bottom.

Alix peels off the last remaining layer, revealing a beautifully groomed cock and giant low hanging balls. He’s growing bigger by the second and he takes charge of his own dick, rubbing it up and down with a frenzy.
His big balls bounce in their pink sack of skin, rolling around and hitting his leg with each pound of his fist.

Alix is ready to blow his load. His feet curl, his breathing is heavy, and his eyes roll back as his whole body stiffens.

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Skinny Hippie Dude with Curly Pit and Pubic Hair

Blake is a super skinny hippy twink with a nice thick hairy cock. He’s a shy one at heart and has very little to say coming in.

He flirts with the camera a little bit and even acts like it might be human when he looks away and giggles as if the camera made a surprising pass at him.

Once Blake warms up, his shyness disappears and his cock grows big in his hand. Blake sits down on the edge of the bathtub and pumps away on his giant dick. Blake knows his away around his dick and soon he lets out a little sigh and drains his balls all over himself.

His cum floods out of his tip and slathers his big sack, which holds the cum in place except for a few errant drops that drip down to the floor.

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Hot Italian Sausage Drips on Alternadudes

Here’s the kind of sexy stud you wish would get naked and jerk for the camera but almost never does.  Till now.

We found Matteo working in a tattoo shop on Hollywood Blvd. He was too gorgeous to pass up and when he came calling for work, we gave it to him immediately. He was a bit shy because he’s straight and he’d never done anything like this before.  He settled in pretty well though and between his amazing lips, hot body, beautiful uncut dick, and unapologetic Italian accent, Matteo is one of our best catches to date.  Watch him all the way to the end and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you see his thick creamy jizz hit his trimmed black pubes. This is one stud you won’t want to miss in full sticky HD at

Halloween Hijinx in Porn Last Forever — Check Out Our “Fuck the Pumpkin” Threeway

Halloween themage in porn spoils fast, like day-old fish. November 1st comes along and you don’t even want to LOOK at revelers in festive costumes or hot guys in harnesses and bat wings giving the evil eye with blackout contact lenses. BUT… the good part is that those same Halloween scenes can be trotted out year after year, like a gay adult industry version of “”It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”.  So not wanting to buck tradition, we present an evergreen from deep in the Alternadudes vault that looks fresh and new for Halloween season every year!

Alt stud, Stagg, arrives at Alternadudes with a pumpkin while Austin Mitchell and Dustin are getting ready to go to a Halloween party. Stagg has a surprise inside his pumpkin. When Dustin removes the top, he discovers the stud’s big dick inside. Stagg starts to drill a few more holes in the giant gourd while Austin digs out some costumes for the party. As the guys sift through the costumes, the clothes come off and Austin eagerly drops to his knees to service the other two horny guys.

Austin takes turns with the guys, alternating dicks in his mouth. When all three are hard, they haul the pumpkin back out and before you can say “jack-o-lantern” the three of them have their stiff dicks in each of the three holes and are fucking the living shit out of it! They go at it for a while before Stagg becomes an evil clown and Dustin throws on a gorilla outfit.Once again, Austin drops to his knees to service the clown and the gorilla before bending over to take it up the ass from big dicked Stagg. Isn’t that fresh and hot for 2018?! Stop by Alternadudes where there’s always something suspiciously new on the daily specials menu!!


When SeXXY Studs Suffer Unfortunate Hairdos, Part One

Our Ramses has been a model of transformations.  If you take a look at, you’ll see he’s embarking on a major TRANSformation even recently.  But this photo set from Ramses’ past shows that being a sexy chameleon has its share of hit and miss choices, namely this oddly chosen hairstyle…Ramses is back and he’s horny as hell. This time shaggy skater, Aaron Cellar, takes the brunt of Ramses’ horniness. They start out with a heavy make-out session that soon gives way to super heavy petting. Ramses wastes no time sticking his hand up Aaron’s shorts to rub him raw. He soon pulls out Aaron’s hard cock and promptly goes down on it. He ends up getting everything in his mouth at the same time – Aaron’s full cock and both balls!
After getting his cock and balls sucked, it’s time for Aaron to get to work. Ramses presents his big long hard uncut cock for the shaggy skater to chew on. Ramses has so much pre-cum spilling out of the tip of his uncut dick that it literally is in ropes running from the tip of his dick to Aaron’s mouth to the couch.

Ramses apologizes for there being so much pre-cum as Aaron tries not to gag and gives it everything he’s got. He sucks cock for a while longer, not happy with all the pre-cum his sucking up in the process. There’s lots of body and pit licking going on as Aaron gives Ramses a tongue bath with his blowjob.
Ramses flips the shaggy skater over to reveal his big round ass. The goth punk goes in and spreads Aaron’s big cheeks to reveal a nice big hairy asshole. As Ramses goes in, he tongue fucks the skater to make him moan and beg for more. Ramses gobbles up the hairy ass and fingers the skater to get his wet, horny ass primed for some big uncut dick. Once Aaron’s asshole is ready to go, Ramses shoves his big throbbing cock inside the skater’s tight wet asshole and starts to pound away. Ramses is a good top and goes at it, balls deep, in a few different positions. Our bottom skater loves getting fucked. He grunts and groans and moans with each thrust from Ramses thin strong hips and likes the sweet beautiful pain of the giant cock going in and out of his big tight asshole.

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Ginger Dude Yanks on His Dick

Dom Ty is back and this time his fire crotch is ready for more pumping action.

He peels off his jockstrap and gets to work rubbing his dick and lowhangers nestled right under his thatch of bright red pubes.

He works his cock and blasts his load before he takes a taste. When all is said and done, he admits it’s the first time he’s ever tasted his own jizz!

Blowjob for a Breakdown?

Tyler’s car has broken down and he needs it fixed ASAP. It’s a Friday night and Cole is about to leave the shop. Tyler is desperate and will do anything to have his car back for the weekend. Cole is sympathetic to Tyler’s situation and agrees to fix it if Tyler sucks his dick. Tyler is open to the idea and quickly gets on his knees to service the hunky stud of a mechanic.

Tyler is pleased with what’s dangling between Cole’s legs when he opens his pants to find a nice big thick cock. It doesn’t take but a minute for Cole to be at his full stature. Tyler loves every inch of it and will barely let it out of his slurping lips. Cole doesn’t want to miss out on a great opportunity and takes his turn sucking the skater’s cock. Tyler’s cock almost matches the 6’5 Cole’s dick and the two of them continue gobble each other up.

Soon Cole announces that if Tyler really wants his car fixed, he’ll have to bend over to get fucked. Tyler eagerly agrees but warns Cole that he’s a virgin. Cole is happy to take Tyler’s virginity for a quick fix on the car and he bends the tatted skater over and shoves his dick deep inside. Tyler moans and begs for him to go harder and deeper, which Cole does.

Cole wants a little something up his butt too and they switch hit, letting Tyler take command. Tyler reams Cole’s tight asshole, pumping in and out, making the mechanic moan and grunt with each thrust of his hips. After fucking and sucking each other for a nice long session, they both want to see the other cum. 

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